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Booking Benefit Concerts: A Trendy Way to Raise Money and Awareness

  • Deidre Rodriquez
  • October 20, 2018
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Booking benefit concerts has been a common and popular way to raise money for an array of causes. Examples of better-known benefit concerts include Live Aid, Farm Aid, and The Concert for Bangladesh. Live Aid was held in 1985 and raised funds for the famine in Ethiopia, Farm Aid took place in the same year to provide relief for American farmers, and the Concert for Bangladesh in 1971 raised money for refugees.

These are only a handful of the kinds of benefit shows that have been organized. Benefit shows are not always put together by celebrity musicians either; they can be organized by someone for their own local community. In an age where GoFundMe fundraisers are king, booking benefit concerts for an honorable cause would be a step outside the confines of computer-age expectations and bring people back to an era where live music could help heal.

Booking Benefit Concerts Is an Effective Way to Raise Both Money and Awareness

Booking benefit concerts can raise money for different causes. The general population enjoys attending live shows and enjoy being around like-minded people. A benefit show combines those two factors to create a lucrative way to help someone or a group of people in need. Organizing a benefit concert seems like a large and stressful undertaking, but it doesn’t need to be. With recent events such as Hurricane Michael, now is a great time to consider hosting a benefit to raise funds for victims in need.

  • Community Projects: Something else a benefit concert can raise money for are community projects. There are many tight-knit towns and communities all around Texas with fantastic bands. A great way to both support bands for hire and improve the surrounding community is with a concert. The money raised from ticket sales and even merchandise could go towards building a playground at the park or fixing old roads that have become bothersome to drive on. The options are endless, and it is a relatively quick way of raising funds as opposed to going door-to-door for donations or selling cookie dough.
  • Charity: Another option for booking a benefit concert could be to raise money for charity. There are countless charities in the United States that depend on the donations of people wanting to make a difference in the world. No one says that your benefit concert must raise $18 million like The Concert for Bangladesh did; don’t let fear of not raising hordes of money stop you if this is something you are interested in. Small-scale benefits—any benefits—are helpful.

Finding entertainers that shares the same passion for whichever charity you wish to donate to could work to your favor. That only means that the band members will be just as on-board and willing to help as you are.

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Branch & Dean

TSE Entertainment has two featured artists who raise money for their favorite charities. Branch and Dean have helped raise millions of dollars for Cystic Fibrosis. Their song The Dash was released as a tribute to Steve Branch’s son, who died in 2013 after battling Cystic Fibrosis. The National Cystic Fibrosis Foundation named National Celebrity Ambassadors for the CF Foundation. They are always willing to participate in benefit concerts for this disease.

Booking Benefit Concerts

Dani Dease

Dani Dease, another one of our Featured Artists, has performed for Alopecia fundraising concerts, including the Hear Us! A Concert of Voices. Dani herself is a victim of Alopecia which interrupted her music career. She now is a role model for others when she performs and lets the audience know that her baldness is a result of this disease and she refuses to hide it under a wig.

  • Social or Political Movements: Raising awareness for certain political or social movements could be another reason to hire a band for a benefit show, especially with election day right around the corner. Booking a band and promoting an awareness benefit could be a productive way of encouraging citizens to participate in smaller, local elections. Another popular movement right now is the Adopt-Don’t-Shop campaign for animal adoption shelters. Most shelters rely heavily on community donations, so if you are passionate about helping animals, finding a band for hire and donating the ticket sales to the cute cats and dogs is a great path to take!

In addition to using ticket sales to raise money, sometimes making limited edition tee shirts or other types of merchandise can boost revenue during your benefit show. Two things that are universally loved by everyone are music and cool tee shirts!

The interesting thing about some benefit concerts is that they can become an annual or repeated event. If enough people can get behind the cause that this show is raising money for, it could very well turn into an even more profitable event than the organizers initially imagined.

For those benefits that turn into a bigger beast than planned, it’s always helpful to have a group of people helping plan the event. Utilizing social media is a great way to promote your event and provide information about it as well. Being transparent about where funds are being donated, how they are getting there, and why you wish to put on this benefit in the first place are all topics that people interested in attending may want to know. Remaining as public as possible not only helps in legitimizing the event, but also helps with the marketing aspect.

Booking Benefit Concerts: Use a Booking Agency

Since there are many facets to planning an event such as a benefit concert, contacting an entertainment booking agency to help is important. TSE Entertainment has decades of experience booking entertainers for benefit concerts. Here’s also a short guide for some of the things you should consider in planning.

TSE can help with both event planning and finding bands for hire, so allow us to help you help other people! Anyone looking to raise money for a good cause can find help with organizing and planning benefit concerts. Current projects include community recovery, St Jude, Veteran PTSD benefit concerts as well as fairs and festivals that raise money for a variety of community needs.

We can connect you with a proper venue and help you discover the perfect entertainers that will headline your benefit concert. We can even help you with ideas for a benefit show if you are not entirely set on one cause. Give us a call and present your thoughts to us, we would love to contribute to your wonderful cause.

Getting in touch with TSE is as simple as giving us a call or shooting us an email. Call TSE Entertainment at 1-800-865-8203 or email us at to utilize our entertainment booking agency services today!

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