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Entertainment Booking Agencies: Middle Man and Much More

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When people hear the term “booking agent” what often comes to mind are celebrities like Adele and popular music venues like Madison Square Garden. In reality, entertainment booking agencies are more accessible and easier to get in contact with than most people think.

Artists don’t need to be producing Billboard Top 40 hits to benefit from entertainment booking agencies, either. As many lesser known touring bands have found, having an agent working alongside them to book shows takes a lot of pressure off their shoulders. This allows the band to focus on doing what they do best: playing music. If you want to learn more about booking agents you can read this article.

Entertainment Booking Agencies Make Life Easier for Venues and Artists

Entertainment booking agencies provide several services to touring bands that are incredibly helpful, but also can provide venues and individuals with the help they need in seeking entertainment for their corporate events, parties, galas, clubs, concerts or nighttime entertainment.

As mentioned earlier, utilizing the services of a booking agent or entertainment booking agency can alleviate some of the pressure that comes with booking your own shows. At times, venues can be difficult to get in contact with and require several emails or phone calls to get through to an event coordinator or manager.

TSE Entertainment | Entertainment Booking Agencies: Middle Man and Much MoreFor a majority of musicians and acts, a whole other life exists outside of the spotlight. Between their music, day jobs, families, and other personal endeavors, finding the time to correspond with busy venues is difficult and stressful.
A different angle one could approach entertainment booking agencies from is how they can help venue owners or every day people. Musicians have always been one of the more popular forms of entertainment but finding a suitable act to perform at an event is more difficult than one may think.

A common place that many bands find themselves playing are private parties and corporate events. Companies utilize the services of entertainment booking agencies like TSE to find the best possible act to fit an event for their employees, customers and stakeholders to enjoy after a successful business quarter.

As many people would assume, country music is very popular here in Texas. It is very common for an individual to seek out a country music band for hire to play a smaller event; it is situations like that where TSE could help connect the individual with a suitable band that fits their tastes and needs.

For any musician or band, exposure is one of the more important requirements of success. Working with a booking agency can catapult a band or musician into markets that were previously out of reach to them. Part of an agency’s job is to book shows that the band cannot book themselves.

Whether that means getting the group into a larger venue or expanding their fanbase to an out of state area, the exposure provided to bands working with an agency is exponentially greater than those who do not work with an agency.

The music industry is home to many sub-markets. Often people pigeonhole bands into playing one of two places: the O2 Arena or a local dive bar downtown. The places being left out are weddings, graduation parties, birthday parties, corporate events, and several other live music options that can be very financially lucrative for bands. Bands working without an agency are usually limited to playing those types of shows whenever the people in their immediate circle ask them to.

Agencies like TSE provide bands with a platform that helps people discover them who would have never come across them otherwise. Like country music, Tejano music is a very popular live music option in the Southwest. An individual searching for a Tejano band for hire could browse the TSE website and select a band they would like to book.

Entertainment booking agencies such as TSE Entertainment offer a wide variety of live entertainment for events. The options range from finding a great tribute band to finding Christmas entertainment to finding wedding bands for hire.

People on all sides of the music industry benefit from the work that booking agencies do. Band members benefit from the exposure and the saved time TSE offers, venues benefit by being offered fresh acts to draw crowds to their businesses, and every day people benefit by having a central and accessible way of finding that perfect band for live music entertainment.

Entertainment Booking Agencies Provide Artists for All Types of Events

If you or someone you know is looking to find some of the best live music and bands for hire, TSE can provide an array of options. TSE provides entertainment for all kinds of events, including holiday parties; fundraising galas and concerts; state and county fairs; local festivals, corporate parties; clubs; concert venues; wedding receptions; Mardi Gras functions; birthday celebrations; and many other occasions.

TSE also works with venues to be their ongoing talent buyer to put the best acts into their venue on a regular basis. As an entertainment booking agency, TSE exceeds expectations. That’s why TSE has clients returning year after year, some for close to 30 years. You don’t get repeat buyers year after year by being average. After all, we’ve been booking entertainers since 1975.

Getting in touch with TSE is as simple as giving us a call or shooting us an email. Call TSE Entertainment at 1-800-865-8203 or email us at tsebooking@tseentertainment.com to utilize our entertainment booking agency services today!

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