Kristoff the Magician

Kristoff the Magician

Kristoff the magician Internationally known performer Kristoff presents dynamic and funny magic focused on the adult sense of humor and Wow Factor. From close up magic sleight of hand to full size stage illusions and thousands of mystified audience members, Kristoff brings the impossible to your event with flash and elegance. Polish and impossibility: Think cards, mentalism, illusions, and laughs – lots of laughs. Whether it’s for a private event, public event, or corporate celebration, if you want an act that your guests will love and remember, Kristoff is your performer!

“HE IS A MUST!” Heidi Breiland, 22 Graphics.
“Kristoff is also a consummate entertainer, who seamlessly weaves comedy into his act and brings smiles to everyone.” Daniel Ballintine, LHDL.

A “recovering lawyer” who put himself through law school performing magic, his clients now include casinos, Fortune 500 corporations, software companies, legal and financial firms and entertainment venues. His stage show, “Get Your Magic On,” recently sold out the Southern Theater in Minneapolis and the Hamilton Princess Hotel in Bermuda and he has appeared on LMC TV’s “That’s Odd.”

Kristoff has performed at the famed Magic Castle in Hollywood, California and is a member of the Academy of Magical Arts and the International Brotherhood of Magicians.


“Kristoff is like a modern-day Johnny Carson for magic. He has a smooth, charming style that draws the attention of everyone in the room. I’ve seen him perform three times and enjoyed every minute of each performance. I’ve given up trying to formulate a theory for how he actually does any of his work–it’s just baffling and I’m OK with that.” – Greg Wolsky, Director of Business Development and Operations Team Director, Larkin Hoffman

“The world’s greatest magician.” – Ed Koller, Koller Search Partners, NYC

“I had Kristoff perform a private show for guests and have also seen several of his performances in theaters. Kristoff never disappoints. His magic is wonderful, with all of his tricks leaving spectators with the question, “how on earth did he do that”? Kristoff is also a consummate entertainer, who seamlessly weaves comedy into his act and brings smiles to everyone. I whole-heartedly recommend Kristoff for any type of performance, whether in a large venue or intimate setting.” – Daniel Ballintine, Shareholder, LHDL.

“Kristoff was such a pleasure to work with. He was always responsive and friendly in his correspondence. He took initiative on his own to scout out the venue prior to the event. And most importantly he was loved by all of our guests! I could not have asked for more and look forward to working with him again in the future!” – Chelsea White, Senior Manager, Amperity (formerly Custora) NYC

“I hosted a surprise birthday bash for my sisters 50th birthday and hired Kristoff for that special MAKE IT DIFFERENT element and WOW he was AMAZING! Took the simple elegant dinner to an entirely new level. I wouldn’t even think twice to recommend him. HE IS A MUST! You and guests will talk about the experience for years to come! Thank you so much Kristoff, I am still dumbfounded by your magic.” – Heidi Breiland, Partner, 22 Graphics

“Kristoff’s personality, presentation and the quality of his magic are top-shelf. I have been to the Magic Castle [LA] on many occasions and he is as good as any of those world-renowned magicians. I was in the front row, I’m cynical and have been around the block a few times, but nonetheless I still walked away amazed.” – Alec Caprio, Pasadena

“Of the three performers I interviewed, Kristoff’s phone presence was overwhelming. He was very informative, accommodating and made me feel like we had known each other forever. He was always available for last minute questions. He arrived promptly / and his personal presence was even better than the phone. Kristoff did both a strolling magic and parlor show for us, and all the quests were amazed. His magic was definitely original. We would definitely use Kristoff at another event.” – Michelle Margueles, Encino CA