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Corporate Entertainment: Lots of Choices

  • Mike Black
  • April 09, 2019
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When it comes to corporate entertainment for your next occasion, you have many options. Booking the right type of entertainment for your corporate events can be critical to encouraging your employees, distributors and stakeholders to be successful, innovative and productive AND impressing your invited customers for great relationship and future business.  TSE Entertainment has been booking corporate entertainment for over four decades. TSE can help you with all your event needs from finding the entertainment, booking a venue, staging, lighting, sound and more.

Suggestions for Corporate Entertainment Events:

  • Booking Tribute Bands – Whether it’s a group or an individual artist, tribute entertainers, be a singer or instrumentalist, trying to copy the sound, looks and style of famous entertainers. From the likes of Elvis Presley, the Beatles, or to females such as Selena or Shania Twain, booking tribute acts are a great source of entertainment for corporate events at a fraction of the costs of the “real thing”. Other very popular entertainers often copied are KISS, ABBA, Frank Sinatra, George Strait, the Rolling Stones, Adele, Stevie Nix, to just mention a few!
  • corporate entertainment, private partyBooking Musical Entertainment – Nothing gets a crowd going like good music, especially if it’s something they can relate and groove to. Some Corporate Events, like P.E.R.A. of Tempe, Arizona, will bring in entertainers like Dwight Yoakum, Clint Black, Martina McBride, LeAnn Rimes, Clay Walker and such. Many corporate occasions call for music that everyone can enjoy no matter what their age. That’s when a great cover or party band is just what you need. These bands play music we all know from several decades as well. These party bands know how to get those attending your corporate function out on the dance floor. Music brings people together and gives them a special bond. Whatever your corporate event, TSE specializes in booking, original artists, cover bands, tribute artists and all music genres to help corporations get the entertainment they desire at the best possible price.
  • Booking Group Drumming – Group drumming is fast becoming one of the most popular group activities. It reduces tension, anxiety and stress levels.  Studies have shown that it can help control chronic pain, boost the immune system and helps to release negative feelings.  All of this will increase the well-being of your employees, thusly increasing their productivity.  It is highly recommended if you are looking for something different! Combine it with musical entertainment for a great event that will have your attendees talking about it for months.
  • Booking Comedians – Laughter has been known for a long time to promote feelings of good will, confidence and lower anxiety. It can relieve stress, which in the work environment will promote better success and increase everyone’s productivity.
  • Booking Magicians – Magicians are an excellent way to engage the audience, create fun drama and child-like amazement. They often will get volunteers from the audience to help with their tricks.  When the audience is made up of people that know each other, the entertainment and fun is increased.  This again leads to sense of well-being and better productivity among coworkers.
  • Booking a Hypnotist: Just like magician, a hypnotist entertainer can be a welcome option when you are considering booking corporate entertainment. Seeing your colleagues on stage under hypnosis really excites the audience.
  • Booking a Cirque / Circus Show – Similar to magicians, Cirque and Circus Shows bring out child-like amazement in the audience. It also creates a sense of wonder and awe, which leads to sense of well-being.  As a result, the audience leaves feeling good and with abundant items to discuss further.
  • Booking Break-dancers – Break-dancers provide similar entertainment as Cirque Show with stylish, modern music and distinctive moves. They are fun to watch and get the audience cheering to see the next gravity-defying moves. They are a high-energy form of entertainment for any group.
  • corporate entertainment, tribute actsBooking Celebrity Impersonators – Celebrity Impersonators, like comedians, provide laughter to the audience with their amazing voice and visual impersonations. Depending on the audience, different types of impersonators are available for corporate entertainment events.  They provide the audience with a shared experience that is unforgettable!
  • Booking Dueling Pianos (and sing along) – Dueling Pianos provide both musical entertainment and a shared experience for the audience. Singing along to well-known songs with coworkers creates a sense of camaraderie, unity and well-being which will carry over into your company’s productivity.
  • Booking Fire Performers and Jugglers – Fire performers, jugglers and other circus-type acts provide quick amazement and a sense of awe for the audience. These are recommended for areas where the audience can walk around and mingle with several performing artists, like at a Happy Hour gathering.
  • Booking Hawaiian Dancers / Luaus – A Hawaiian themed corporate event makes for a fun evening with a Luau or simply a Hawaiian Show. They are an excellent way to promote a sense of fun and camaraderie for any group. The exotic entertainment is always unique, and the dancers will often ask for audience participation.  This will promote a sense of unity and a share experience for coworkers to look back on fondly.
  • Booking Game Shows – Games shows, such as the “Price is Right” and “Wheel of Fortune” engage the audience, create a sense camaraderie when they are cheering on a specific contestant, and are entertaining to watch. Again, this creates an atmosphere of good-will and unity for the audience, resulting in a better work environment back in the office.

Unique evens such as these can provide excellent bonding and encouragement for your employees.  It allows interaction between management and coworkers to create a better work environment, which ultimately will produce more sales and increase your bottom line.  A combination of two or more of these activities will increase the camaraderie at your job site, whether it’s an office, a restaurant chain, a warehouse, a factory or any other corporation.

Whatever corporate entertainment you choose, match it to the audience attending the event. We wouldn’t recommend break dancing to a senior audience any more than we would recommend the Price Is Right game show for a millennial audience.

TSE Entertainment can help you book the right corporate entertainment for you audience, including any of these entertainment options for your next successful corporate gathering!

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