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Wedding Entertainment: Booking Live Bands

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Searching for wedding entertainment for you big day? Consider booking a live band or bands instead of a DJ for your wedding reception. Whether you live in Houston Texas; Nashville Tennessee, New York or Los Angeles, the best strategy is to use an entertainment booking agent or agency to find the right live band for your special occasion.

You want your wedding to not only be special for you, but also your guests. The wedding itself and the wedding reception entertainment are the keys to making it unforgettable for all attending. For help with the wedding, you can turn to a wedding planner if needed. For booking a live band for the wedding reception,

When Booking a Live Band for a Wedding, Consider a Talent Booking Agency

I suggest that you turn to a entertainment booking agency or one of the many agents out there that book live bands for weddings. Reaching out directly will save you the markup that a wedding planner would include if they book the entertainment for you. That’s because they will turn to a wedding entertainment talent agency as well.

live bands, wedding live bandLive bands for weddings come in many forms, depending on your budget and needs. You don’t need the same number of performers for a cocktail hour or sit-down dinner as you need for dancing. Some wedding bands will stagger their artists so they can provide music for cocktail hours, sit-down dinner as well as lively music for dancing. They may have 3 or 4 musicians for cocktail hour or dinner, with others arriving later for the dancing part of the reception. Those 3 or 4 musicians are supplemented by others based on your budget and music needs.

If you are in a large metropolitan center such as Houston, Dallas, Atlanta or Chicago, you will have plenty of choices for your live wedding band, ranging from a small, inexpensive cover band to a large well-known band. Obviously the greater the number of musicians the more expensive the band. If you are located in a rural area, hours from a major population center, your choices will be more limited or more expensive. You will either need to use one of the few live homegrown bands or will need to pay a band to travel to your wedding which would include overnight accommodations, meals and other travel expenses.

If you wedding entertainment budget is big enough, then travels and performance fees may not be much of a consideration. For example, TSE recently booked Boyz II Men and George Benson for the same wedding reception.

Most weddings are not looking for acts such as those, even if they could afford them. Most people are searching for more of a good party band that plays songs that guests know and can dance to during the wedding reception.

With that said, it is helpful to have a general price range in mind before you start looking, or an amount you do not want to exceed.  Live “wedding bands” vary in pricing from around $2,500 to $12,500, depending on your requirements. Expect to pay $4,000 to $6,000 for a good party band that routinely performs at weddings. If you have additional needs, e.g., playing at the wedding itself, acting as emcee, cocktail hour music, etc., the price could be greater.

That’s where a good entertainment booking agency comes in that frequently books live bands for weddings. These wedding talent agents can negotiate on your behalf and save you more than their fee. Because they book wedding bands almost daily, they have lots of buying power. That power can be used to get you the best price for the band you want for your wedding.

Wedding Booking Agents Know the Right Questions to Ask

Many bands do not bring their own sound and lighting equipment, although some do. If they do not, then you can pay the band to rent what’s needed and include it in their performance fee.

Wedding entertainment booking agencies, like TSE Entertainment can provide the other elements needed by the band in addition to their booking services. TSE is a one-stop-shop for your live band wedding needs, from booking to production.

Many wedding band booking agencies have a roster of party or wedding bands. They also have ways to finding the right band for your wedding no matter where it’s located. Whether it’s Texas, California, New York or somewhere in between, TSE can find the right live band for your wedding entertainment. Visit TSE’s Party-Wedding Band Roster. By clicking on the band’s name you can read bios, listen to music samples, view song lists, watch videos and read some of the testimonials from many happy clients.

Make Your Wedding Entertainment Memorable with a Live Band

Booking a top-quality band for your wedding can be the final touch that takes your event to a whole new level. Live musicians performing just for you is something that makes your day even more special. All of these the live bands we provide have developed their shows to be the best of the best. They all have a proven track record of highly satisfied audiences. Imagine the gratification of having people speak of the great time they had at your event for years to come.

Don’t take a chance on anything but the best when booking a band for your once-in-a-lifetime event. Good wedding bands are dedicated to providing a memorable experience that you will be bragging about for a lifetime.

Using a wedding live band booking agency means the perfect band for your big day made easy. TSE Entertainment will help you execute your goals by providing the finest live bands for your big day. We do the work and you take the credit! Let us save you time, money, and headaches. Fill out this short inquiry form here and we will have an agent reach out to you today. Or you can call us at 1-800-765-8203.

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