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Texas Festivals & Events Conference Showcases Phineus Reb

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Each year at the annual conference, The Texas Festivals & Events Association showcases talent for their members that attend the conference. The members that attend include talent buyers from festivals and events large and small from across Texas and even some from Oklahoma. I was amazed by the number of festivals featuring live music concerts at their events.

Texas Festivals & Events AssociationTexas Festivals & Events Association Conference

This year’s Texas Festivals & Events Annual Conference and Tradeshow was held in McAllen, Texas from July 12th to 15th. TSE Entertainment was aptly represented at the conference by Glenda Black and myself. TSE is a supporter of the Texas Festivals and Events Association and was honored to be an integral part of the conference. From donating a table centerpiece, having a booth at the trade show and sponsoring the band, Phineus Reb, into the talent showcase event.

TSE Entertainment thinks very highly of Phineus Reb and the talented artists that make up this band. We were all gratified to see the band selected to start off the Saturday showcase event. That’s because we knew how talented Phineus Reb is and were anxious to have talent buyers throughout Texas learn what we already knew.

When I came on board as a booking agent with TSE Entertainment in the spring I was given the Phineus Reb press kit.  I immediately previewed their music.  I must say that I was blown away.  I’ve spent over 20 years in radio hosting music and live shows and I knew immediately I had a jewel on my hands.

What is it with the Phineus Reb name you may ask?  Rumor has it that in the pine forests of East Texas, there lived a banjo picking moonshiner named “Phineus Reb.” One night he caught his girl in the arms of a greedy oil man who had sold her dreams of wealth and high society. The story goes that all three of them were never heard from again…until now.

Cody Couba, who formed the band in 2014, went about creating a unique band name that was unlike any others in the music business.  Lead Singer, Songwriter, and picker Cody Kouba has been turning heads in the music business since 1998. With Phineus Reb he found the perfect set of talented musicians to make their brand of music a reality.

The band arrived at the Performing Arts Center at the McAllen Texas Convention Center on Saturday in time for their load in and sound check.  I was excited as our group entered the auditorium. My heart was pounding for Cody and his band because I knew, that in a few hours, the audience was about to witness a one-of-a-kind performance.

At 8:00 p.m. the showcase began.  I was so proud that I was asked to bring “my guys” on stage. With help from my newfound friends from the Mansfield, Texas Pickle Festival, we got the audience engaged by throwing swag out to the crowd. Then the moment came; “Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome Phineus Reb.”


Right off the bat there was the fiddle, those guitar licks, the drums, and that Trademark Phineus Reb twang. Kicking off with “Down to the Tavern” I watched the audience settle in with looks of WOWZA.  Then it was time for “High on that Lonesome Sound” spotlighting the talents of Cody Kouba on Banjo.  The crowd was learning that this was the real deal.  They were officially introduced to what we like to call “Honky Grass.” That is a one-of-a-kind sound developed by the band members of Phineus Reb.  It’s a blend of straight up Honky Tonk music with Bluegrass music that resonates with those who hear it.

The audience at the Texas Festival and Events Showcase were getting it.  There is always a bonding between a band and audience when you have talent, stage presence, and top-quality musicians.  That bond happened as they played.  I could feel it.  I have been involved in live music for over twenty years and I can read a crowd.  To back that up, the response from those around me was awesome. As I sat with new friends that were talent buyers and festival directors attending the Texas Festivals and Event Conference Showcase, their response was one of utter amazement.  “These guys are good.” “This Band in the real deal.” “Yes, Helen you were right”.  They smoked it, but not to my surprise. I knew they would.

After all, The TSE team has over 175 years in the music business. We know good talent when we see it. That’s why Phineus Reb is part of our Featured Artist Roster. We expect to be announcing some major happenings regarding Cody and Phineus Reb in the coming weeks that will take their career to the next level. Stay tuned. By the way, if I were you, I would book Phineus Reb now for your next event. Their performance fees will be going up once those announcements take place.

Best Organization Website Award at TFEA ConferenceThe Texas Festivals & Events Association Conference was an excellent meeting, trade show and showcase for TSE Entertainment. Glenda and I made new friends. We got to share our talented group of both up-and-coming and country super stars roster with the members in attendance. The people were great. They seem to like our booth and the artists we presented. On top of that, TSE won the award for Best Organization Website for its class. Glenda and I are already looking forward to the International Festival & Events Association Conference in November as well as next year’s meeting of the Texas Festivals & Events Association.

If you missed Phineus Reb’s performance or if you just want to see or learn more about them, visit the Phineus Reb page at TSE’s website. Now is the time to hang on and don’t be left behind, join the Phineus Reb “Rebolution”.

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