Event Production & Management

Live Festival or Concert Production

Need help pulling together all of the many logistical, performance, marketing and sponsorship issues involved in putting on a concert or festival?

Tired of all the phone calls or emails involved with such efforts?

Let TSE Entertainment take the load off of you and your team.  Whatever level of need you have, TSE Entertainment can deliver the help you require for your festival, concert, or other type of event. Our dedicated crew of production professionals becomes part of your team. Use our expertise and experience to fill any gaps you may have putting together and carrying out your big event. We do as little or as much as you want.

Imagine all the meetings, phone calls, emails, and texts that take place to assure a smoothly run event or festival from pre-planning, promotion, and implementation. Do you really want to do all that?

Let TSE help you and give you the peace of mind knowing that you have a professional entertainment group assisting you. With 45 years of experience, we have honed our skills to assure a successful event.

Because of our experience and knowhow, we can save you money. We know how much things should cost. Whether it’s fencing, signage, stages, sound system or Porta Potties, our experience means we negotiate the best deals for your event.

Our Event & Festival Production Services Fall into Three Categories

  1. Event or Festival Production

  2. Local Performance Production

  3. Media Production

Event and Festival Production

Event and Festival Production

Need help planning or executing your event or festival?  From Managing your whole event to finding resources for you, TSE Entertainment’s experience will help assure a great experience for your attendees. Whether it’s your first attempt at putting on such a event or you are an old hand at it, TSE can take a load of stress and work off you and your team. You can rest easy knowing that you are in good hands. Here’s a few of the ways we can help. If it’s not listed, we probably still do it. These are in addition to the services listed for Performance and Media Production Services listed below.

  • Planning
  • Consulting & Project Management
  • Safety and Security Plans, including Coronavirus Mitigation Plan
  • Site Surveys and Site Planning
  • Vendor Relations and logistics
  • Entertainment Booking
  • Special Project and Demonstrations
  • Overall Event Management
  • Hospitality Issues
  • Sponsorship Sales and VIP Programs
  • Online and Offline Promotion Plan
  • Media Press Kit
  • Transportation Issues
  • Power Issues
  • Necessary Fencing
  • Seating/bleachers
  • Kids Area and Activities
  • Signage and Lighting
  • Tents/Temporary Structures
  • Permits, Trash and Restrooms
  • Ticketing Services

Local Performance Production

Providing the right backstage spaces, staging, lighting and sound system are part of creating a winning event that will keep people coming back year after year. We handle everything needed for the performances.

For more information on Local Production Services, visit our Concert Production Services page.

Media Production

Media production

Media production is part of any well-planned events. Whether it’s to attract sponsors for the event, patrons to attend the event or to document your festival or event for others, TSE’s media production services can make that happen for you. In today’s environment, you may want to hold a virtual event or stream your in-person activities to others. TSE can provide whatever services you need for your festival, concert, or other type of occasion.

Video Production

  1. Drone aerial footage
  2. Concert recordings
  3. Sponsorship sales videos
  4. Music videos
  5. Promotion Videos
  6. Postproduction

Graphic Design Services

  1. Logos
  2. Posters
  3. Banners
  4. Signage
  5. Graphics

Website & Online Services

  1. Design and Development of Festival or Event Websites
  2. Setting Up Social Media Account and Events


  1. Publicity
  2. Concert
  3. Festival
  4. Meet & Greet

Let's Get Started

Give us a call (800-765-8203) or email us (tsebooking@tseentertainment.com) if we missed something because we, most likely, can help with whatever you need as well. Your satisfaction is our guarantee.

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