Corporate Entertainment Occasions Take Many Forms

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Corporate entertainment is a big part of the bookings we do at TSE Entertainment. The corporate events themselves run the gamut from small intimate occasions to large happenings involving thousands of people.

Let’s start by defining what I mean by a corporate event. It’s any occasion sponsored by a business (profit or non-profit) for its employees, clients or potential clients. They run the spectrum of celebrations to fund raising. Here’s a link to some of the most common corporate events.

Corporate Entertainment for Luncheons

The smallest of these corporate functions which require entertainment usually involve a dinner or luncheon using a private dinning room at a restaurant. They might also involve using a function room at a hotel for this kind of event. A typical experience involving corporate entertainment for this kind of event might be for 40 to 80 people with a relatively low budget for entertainers. They are “listening” events with no plans for dancing. Because of the budget for these smaller events, TSE will most often book an acoustic performance from an up-and-coming artist. That way they hear a talented artist, but without the costs of a full band.

These luncheon events can get large, depending on the purpose and the organization. No matter how large though, they are not the same kind of events you might find at a night time event. There is no dance floor. The corporate entertainment is meant to entertain people while they are seated and enjoying the luncheon and program.

Corporate Entertainment for Holiday Parties

TSE Entertainment | Corporate Entertainment Occasions Take Many FormsUnlike the luncheon function entertainment, corporations are looking for entertainment that will get people on their feet and out on the dance floor for their corporate holiday parties. That means that the entertainment must be able to play music that the audience knows and likes. Given that the audience will most likely be made up of people from a variety of ages and backgrounds, the band will need to know a large variety of music spanning many years. For these kinds of corporate entertainment events, a party band is just what is needed. These cover bands do not play original music but play a variety of music that everyone knows.

A typical event might look like the request we received from Red Hat. Red Hat is an enterprise software company located in Boston. They are “looking for a fun band that will have the employees having fun.” These events usually will have a sit-down dinner or heavy hors d’oeuvres with some speeches followed by the band performing dance music. The objective of the evening is “fun.”

Corporate Entertainers for Grand Openings and Product Launches

Unlike the corporate entertainment events above, the goal of the entertainment for grand openings is focused on potential customers and influencers. The entertainment is geared to creating excitement and publicity with the goal of attracting potential customers to the event. Whether it’s the grand opening of a new car dealership or a fast food restaurant, live entertainment is usually part of the festivities taking place at the event. A well-known band can bring people to the event and keep them there long enough for the sponsoring business to interreact with them.

A product launch is a little different in that the entertainment’s audience are the press, stakeholders and influencers. The entertainment both increases the excitement around the launch and creates a fun atmosphere for those attending it. Depending on the brand and product, a product launch may take on a theme. One recent one in which TSE was involved was a space theme. The entertainment was required to either have a name associated with the earth, moon or space or play music that one might associate with space.

Corporate Employee Appreciation Entertainment Events

TSE Entertainment | Corporate Entertainment Occasions Take Many FormsThere are corporations that throw big events to recognize their employees for the job they do, day in and day out. An example of this kind of corporate event is the annual Steak Fry and Concert for employees and families of the Salt River Project, the major water and power utility in Phoenix and surrounding cities. It takes place at the PERA Club, a private country club for employees and families. Each year the club holds duplicate concerts on Friday and Saturday nights for those employees. By duplicating the concert, they enable all their employees to attend one of the two steak fry and concert events. They don’t just book local talent. They book big names for their employees and families. Last year, Martina McBride gave Friday and Saturday night concerts for the PERA club. TSE is honored to book such employee appreciation events. In the case of the PERA Club, TSE has been booking the corporate entertainment for this event for about 20 years.

Non-Profit Corporations Use Entertainment to Raise Money

The two ways Non-profit corporations use entertainment based on our experiences is for fundraising concerts or for fundraising galas. TSE works with many non-profits to provide the right entertainment for their functions. In the case of fundraising concerts, the entertainer is the draw and the concert profits go to the fundraising organization. Such concerts seek the support of sponsors to help offset the cost of putting on the event, including the entertainers. Such events require “big name” entertainers as headliners to attract many people who will pay the ticket price to see them.

The other type of entertainment that non-profits seek is for fundraising galas. Unlike fundraising concerts, galas typically are much more formal and take place in hotels or other places that can accommodate a sit-down dinner, followed by presentations and dance music. These black-tie affairs need a party or function band similar to those that would entertain for a holiday party. The objective is to show the guests a good time, including music they know and can dance to.

Whether it’s an established charity such as the Children’s Advocacy Center in Ohio, a school district in Pennsylvania,  a community fundraiser to help restore damage from a hurricane in Maryland or a fundraising concert to help veterans suffering from PTSD in Washington state, TSE works with the sponsor to book the entertainment as well as provide a lot of advice on how best to accomplish their goals.

After all, TSE Entertainment has been booking corporate entertainment since 1975. In those 40 plus years, TSE has booked every kind of corporate entertainment.


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