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Concert-Tour Promotion Services Now Here

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TSE Entertainment launches Concert and Tour Promotion Services to its list of services provided to venues, talent buyers, entertainers and concert promoters. While TSE has been offering turn-key local production for concerts, the new services now mean that TSE Entertainment now offers services that run the spectrum from initial booking (venue or entertainers) to load out oversight.

We now handle the booking, promotion and production process from beginning to end for clients who need those services. We do as little or as much as our client needs whether that client is a venue, band manager, talent buyer, self-promoter or anyone else involved in putting on a concert or tour.

The new services allow TSE to assist concert producers and promoters who would like assistance with the promotion side of putting on a successful concert or tour. TSE offerings are geared to independent concert producers or promoters whether they be a venue or a entertainer such as a band or solo artist. production.

TSE’s services vary from consulting on planning and implementation issues all the way to managing the carrying out of local production and marketing plans from concept, creative and placement.

They say that necessity is the mother of invention. After being approached on a number of occasions by venues, inexperience concert promoters and bands seeking tours in the U.S., TSE decided it was important to help potential clients with those services. After going out to find the needed resources, TSE is now implementing these new services.

One example of these new services is the planning and implementation of the 2020 tour of the AC/DC Story, a biographical musical stage show rockumentary featuring Australia’s ACCA DACCA. This effort will be joined by other concerts, concert series, and tours. Stay tuned.

There are three broad areas or ways in which TSE helps those who are putting on concerts or tours.

  1. tour promotion servicesConsulting: TSE staff will help the primary producer/promoter with building a business and marketing plan and budget for the concert event or tour. TSE will help the producer research potential audience demographics; costs for performers, local production and ancillary services and products needed for the event or tour. Our services in this case are as an advisor to the concert promoter.
  2. Project Management: Should the concert producer desire, TSE will take on the project management of the many facets with both putting on a concert and promoting it. Besides booking the entertainers, TSE can manage all the logistics and marketing for such events. These tasks include such things as:
    • Venue communications and coordination (point of contact)
    • Arranging all air and ground transportation
    • Load in and set up
    • Tear down and load out
    • Vendor logistics and coordination.
    • Implementing promotion plan using
      • Targeted local advertising
      • Non-traditional advertising
      • Media buying
      • Website development
      • Digital advertising
      • Media packet/press kit
      • Public relations
  1. Local Production Assistance: Besides promotion services, TSE offers a comprehensive set of concert support services. These include:
  • Negotiation of technical and hospitality riders
  • Fulfillment of hospitality and technical riders
  • Determine and acquire the equipment/ backline needs for the performance
  • Determine lighting and sounds requirements and acquire for the performance
  • Put into place the resources needed for local transportation and hospitality requirements for performers
  • VIP concierge Services
  • Advancing the show with venue
  • Providing on-site production and logistical support during load in, sound check, performance and load out.

For a full listing of our concert support services see our Concert Support Services Page.

Our clients can choose whatever services that are needed to complement their own team’s expertise or resources. Whether it’s planning help, routing assistance, promotion or production assistance, TSE is here to help. There’s a lot of work to pulling off a concert. That effort grows greatly when you are planning a tour. TSE works as part of your team to make the concert or the tour happen successfully.

Let TSE give you the peace of mind knowing that your concert or tour is being run by a professional entertainment agency that has been doing it for over four decades. Let our four plus decades of experience and knowledge work for you. You will see why TSE builds long term relationships by standing behind its services.

Tour Promotion & Production Services

Planning more than one concert and need help putting on a tour? TSE can help with that.

Our concert services expand to cover multiple venues and the services needed to make a successful tour happen. They include some or all of the following services; you decide which.

Tour Production Services:

Concert production services

  • Determine the needs of the tour – planning & advancing
    • Equipment / backline
    • Light/Sound production quality
    • Transportation
  • Determine the needs of the tour – implementation & on tour
    • Equipment / backline
    • Light/Sound production quality
    • Transportation
  • Advancing of each show with each respective venue
  • Procurement of safe pyro/production elements for tour as requested
  • Assist in the booking and routing of tour as requested
  • Provide valuable feedback when requested
  • General budgeting ( P&L ) for Tour production/travel/etc.
  • Assisting with tour specific merchandise and procurement/sourcing
  • Leveraging of additional personnel/staff for on tour needs
  • Leveraging of existing contacts in the live entertainment industry (agencies, buyers, venues)

Tour Promotion Services:

TSE’s tour promotion services will vary depending on the specific promotion strategies that are selected by its client. These promotion strategies include rental and self-promotion; co-promotion with venues; or outright sales of the performance with guarantee or back-end structured contracts.

  • Assisting in the development of Tour marketing collaterals/brand
  • Provide feedback on creative for Tour
  • Provide feedback on branding of Tour
  • Provide feedback on merchandise pricing and design
  • Provide ticketing feedback and scaling for successful ticket sales
  • Booking and routing of Tour based on guidelines set by client (venue size, mileage, .etc)
  • Negotiation of all deal points between client and venue
  • Advancing the ticketing/sales needs with venue box office manager to ensure proper on sale
  • Creation of Tour marketing budget
  • Creation of Tour marketing plan per market
  • Media Buying and placement per market
  • Local market research (radio stations, influencers, etc.)
  • Direct management and purchasing of social media advertising – with billing invoiced to TSE
  • Creation of any PR elements (press releases, FAQ, etc.)
  • Pitching of advance media/interviews with local radio stations/media outlets
  • Be an overall advocate for Tour on behalf of client

Whatever your promotion or production needs, TSE will work as a member of your team. Our long history of booking and production assistance will make your concert or tour a success. Our new concert and tour promotion services are just the logical next step for a company that has been doing entertainment booking and production for over 43 years.

We will do it right because we thrive on building long term relationships with the clients we serve. We build trust through being good at what we do, being responsive and by being transparent in the work we do for our clients.

Email us or give us a call to discuss your concert promotion or tour promotion needs.

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