Careers In the Music Business: Internships Are Vital

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Many college undergraduates and college graduates would like to work in the music business after they graduate. The problem is that breaking into the music business is tough because of the number of graduates versus the number of positions available. That’s where a music business internship can help provide the experience necessary to attract the notice of companies in the entertainment industry.

There are many types of entertainment companies that provide internships. As a student, you need to first determine your interests. Are you interested in the artist side of the entertainment industry?  That could include services such as artist management, artist promotion, working for a record label, etc. Check out the companies offering internships for these services.

Are you interested in the venue side of the music business? If so, an internship related to talent buying, venue promotion, concert production, etc. might be what you need.

Have you considered the purely business side of the music business? There are internship positions available with entertainment law firms, music publishing companies and music royalty firms such as BMI.

Selecting an internship in a specific area of the entertainment industry is fine if you know that’s the career path for you. What if you’re not sure about what area to pursue. That’s where an internship with a broad-based entertainment services company can be very worthwhile. Working with a full-service entertainment agency will allow you to be exposed to all facets of the entertainment business.

TSE Interns with Jerrod Niemann 879-1
Interns are vital part of the team

TSE Entertainment is a full-service entertainment agency. We offer students and recent graduates the opportunity to be exposed to all facets of the business. Interns can apply for specialized areas of focus as well. These include music event promotion internships, entertainment event sponsorship sales internships, talent booking internships, Entertainment event production internships.

Interns in these specialized areas will get a chance to learn and get involved with other areas as well. The result is a fully rounded student or graduate who has a real understanding of all of the varying facets of putting on a live entertainment event.

TSE Graduate Interns
TSE Graduate Interns at the Kerrville River Festival produced by TSE

If you are upper-level undergraduate students studying the music business, marketing, sales, entrepreneurship or related fields, you should consider TSE Entertainment for your internship. TSE is a Texas-based full-service entertainment company providing all the services needed by venues for their events.

TSE operates as a virtual company with all the tools needed by staff and interns to operate from their homes or college dorms. Our operating model facilitates remote music business internships because interns just plug into an existing operating framework.

music business internshipsTSE’s primary location is Austin, Texas with Houston as its secondary location. TSE has agents and production staff located across the United States. Agents are based in New York, Philadelphia, Austin, Houston, San Diego, Chicago, Los Angeles and a number of other places around Texas. TSE’s interns have hailed from North Carolina, New York, Wisconsin, Louisiana, Missouri, Washington State, Tennessee, and Texas. A number are physically located in the Houston and Austin areas so they operate both remotely and attend in-person events as part of TSE’s team.

For more information on our internships can be found on our Career Page:

The feedback from our music business interns has been gratifying. TSE seeks ongoing feedback about their internships to make sure they get the experience they desire. Here’s a few examples of feedback from both undergraduate and graduate interns that have completed their internship program with TSE.

Washington University Saint Louis Booking Intern

Hope you’re doing well! How are things at TSE? I’ve loved following the company through the newsletter and social media. I’m not sure if Glenda told you, but I wanted to let you know that I just accepted a full-time position with WME in their Beverly Hills/LA Office starting after my graduation!! I’m super excited, and I couldn’t have done it without the amazing opportunity and support I received form you at TSE. Thanks so much again for everything, I hope things are going really well at TSE!

Berklee College of Music, New York Promotion Intern

I just wanted to let you know that I’ve been offered a full-time job offer at TRO Essex Music Group, an independent music publishing company, that I’ve decided to take. My start date is January 3, 2022, so I’d like December to be my last month with TSE Entertainment. I just wanted to thank you for everything I’ve learned. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed being an intern at TSE and can’t wait to see where the company goes next. Wish you all the best! This internship, and the skills I obtained were a huge part of being offered this position. I really enjoyed my time with TSE Entertainment, thank you so much for the support!

TSE welcomes the applications of those undergraduate and recent graduates of sales, marketing, music business majors.  We are looking for bright people who can assist TSE with its programs and, in return, get quality experience with many facets of the music industry.

Music Business internships for Spring and Summer 2022 are now available for undergraduate students. Recent Graduate Internships are also being accepted.

Please email with your cover letter and resumes. Internship finalist candidates will be interviewed using Zoom.


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