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Entertainment Booking: Keeping a Good Name

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News travels fast in the entertainment booking world. If someone is a “snake” and has a bad rap, everyone knows about it very quickly. The connectivity in this industry is unprecedented. Everybody knows everybody! So how do you keep your good name?

Know Who You Are – Are you a person of passion, commitment and loyalty? Or are you a person that is just out to make money at no cost? These are important questions you must ask yourself. If you are the latter, you will not make it very far booking entertainment. Know your values, interests, goals, temperament, strengths, and your areas of challenge. Self-Knowledge leads to less inner conflict, increased vitality, better decision-making and self-control, tolerance and understanding of others, and therefore, more success in life.

Be Genuine & Friendly – People in this business are intuitive and can get a quick read on a person. If you are genuine and friendly, it will be recognized. And likewise, if you are a fake “black cloud,” you will be pinged as one. Always put the person first. Ask them how they are doing before moving into shop talk. Smile and use good manners; say please and thank you…and mean it. Nobody has to use your entertainment booking agency, so give them lots of reasons why they should, starting with the fact that you are pleasant to talk to and be around.

Credibility & Customer Service – Nothing sells better than credibility, and nothing beats referrals and word of mouth recommendations. The definition of credibility is the quality of being trusted and believed in. Book entertainment that is reliable and will get the job done to the clients specifications (i.e. setup times, break times and lengths, mingling with the audience during breaks while at the same time not getting drunk, playing the expected music, etc.) Always make your existing clients feel special. Nurture these relationships by making them feel like they are the most important customer you have. Bend over backwards to keep them happy, and always keep a line of communication open.

Marketing Yourself & Your Business – Build a Strong Brand, Use Social Media, Talk to Your Customers, Send Emails with A Solid Signature Including Links, Buy Marketing Lists, Send Traditional Mailers, Make Cold Calls, Follow Up Leads, Carry Business Cards, Write a Blog, Get Testimonials, Get Your Pricing Right with Research, Write Thank You Cards, Go to Traditional Networking Events, Give Your Expertise Away, Make Friends with the Competition, Go to Conferences, Monitor Your Online Reputation, etc.

Don’ts in the Entertainment Booking Industry

  • Don’t ever promise a service and not deliver.
  • Don’t ever break a contract.
  • Don’t ever rip somebody off money wise, and don’t owe anyone money. Pay it off.
  • Don’t talk shit behind someone’s back unless their a “snake.”
  • Don’t get caught in a lie.
  • Don’t ever take up too much of someone’s time.
  • Don’t make excuses. People hate this.
  • Don’t get defensive. Learn to take criticism, constructive and destructive.
  • Don’t rely on everyone else. Make stuff happen yourself.
  • Don’t blame the promoter when you also haven’t helped promote the show.
  • Don’t ever be afraid to apologize.
  • Don’t ever act high and mighty like you are better than everyone else.
  • And don’t ever be a jerk.

Remember it’s real people dealing with real people in the entertainment booking industry. Treat people like you would like to be treated yourself and you will go far.

That’s why TSE Entertainment thrives in its niche as a Texas-based booking agency. You can learn more at:

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