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Beyond Festival Entertainment Booking: A Customized Experience

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It’s no secret that hosting a large music festival is a lot of work. There are so many things to plan and prepare, and so many people to contact and coordinate with to make your music festival a success. You can find a few tips on hosting a music festival here. Getting the music festival entertainment booking right for your audience and your budget is critical. When all goes according to plan and your music festival has a great turn-out, it’s always well worth the work involved for a rewarding experience. What if there was a better way to pull it off?

No Stranger to Planning A Music Festival and Entertainment Booking?

Then you already know there are host of tasks that go into putting it together. After you’ve done all the budgeting and initial planning, someone will need to deal with one or more of the major entertainment booking agencies to find artists; get pricing and rider information and make an offer before finalizing the entertainers. If you have dealt with the major agencies, you know working with them is not an easy task. That’s why most music festivals use an agency like TSE to do their music festival entertainment booking.  Agencies can recommend artists to suit your demographics and budget. They do your bidding and find entertainers, negotiate pricing and put contracts in place for your music festival.  They do this while you handle other facets of your music festival.

Beyond Music Festival Entertainment Booking

Experienced planners know that the entertainment is only one piece of the puzzle when it comes to putting on a music festival. Local production needs are a key part. You need to find vendors for things like staging, sound, lights, special effects, etc. that the artists require for their performance. Of course, there are other issues like barricades, seating, etc. that are part of any music festival concert.

Another key component is the music festival promotion aspect for your event. You want a large audience for a successful event. You can try to do it yourself or find a reputable company that will work to draw a large audience to your music festival while staying within the limits or your marketing budget.

Running the concert event and the tasks leading up to it is a critical and time-consuming part of staging a music festival. No matter how well you did on the music festival entertainment booking part of the show, these other functions will make or break your music festival.

Now imagine that instead of handling all those different moving parts, you were able to handle only the ones you team has the time and experience to deal with. You maximize your resources and supplement them with a team from a company such as TSE Entertainment. The end is a combined team with all the experience and resources to handle all the various functions with putting on a music festival.

This is what TSE Entertainment can offer our clients, especially when working with music festivals.

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Part of the TSE Concert Production Team on site

While most ordinary entertainment booking agencies focus solely on booking the entertainment and contract negotiations, TSE offers turn-key concert production services while avoiding completely taking over your event. We provide just the level of services that you need, no more, no less.

Instead of having a long list of companies you must contact for individual jobs, you can trust TSE to handle everything from production strategy consulting to festival management. When you think about it, having one company work in this capacity for your music festival makes the most sense when considering time and budget.

For instance, when you have your overall event budget and the estimated budgets for each counterpart, sometimes what you save on one thing may need to be used in another area of the budget. If you have one company felicitating and working to achieve your festival budget goals, it eliminates that time for communication to several different people and overall will save you the most money.

However, you don’t have to use every services TSE provides. When you work with us for your music festival needs, it’s a customized experience. No package deals where if you get one thing you must get the other. It’s 100% customized. Customized to what you need from us, and completely customized to your desired outcome. Our staff members become part of your concert production and promotion team, allowing you to put on the music festival using only the services necessary to achieve your concert goals.

New to The Music Festival Booking Scene?

Even better! As mentioned before, TSE can handle everything from music festival entertainment booking to festival management.  That makes us a great option for music festival newbies.

What do our services look like from beginning to end for someone who is completely green to planning a music festival? Glad you asked! From conception, people new to the experience often have an idea of what they want to accomplish. Their plan will generally include the type of music they want; the type of crowd they want to draw; the location and the theme of the festival; and hopefully the total budget they have to spend.

How much of that budget needs to go to entertainment and how much of it needs to go to production and other services? Can you even get good caliber acts in your desired genre for the entertainment budget you have? Is the location, festival details and genre of music capable of drawing the number of attendees that you are hoping for? These are all things TSE can help you iron out from the very beginning.

TSE has been finding the right acts and negotiating the best deals since 1975 for its clients. What’s more TSE is in it for the long run. Our business model is based upon repeat customers. That means we will make decisions based on what’s best for our customers and be transparent about them. We want to build trust with those we deal with for music festival and other events.

TSE books artists for music festivals at all levels; from up-and-coming artists to world renown artists. They cover many genres from country to urban and anywhere in between. You can view many of them on our website.

TSE Entertainment also has its own Rosters of Featured Artists in a number of different categories/genres, but we are able to book any entertainer as long as their availability and price permits. Apart from this, we can handle all of production which will include the stage, sound equipment, lighting and everything else that is needed to put on the best festival show. We can also manage load in, set up, sound check, run of show, tear down and load out.

Want to be as certain as possible that your festival will produce the turn-out needed to make it a success? TSE also provides completely customized festival promotion services. We take the promotion budget you have, and we make the most of it by allocated those marketing dollars in the best places possible for the biggest return. Most importantly, you as a client are never in the dark as to where your spending is going. Along with the rest of what we handle, when it comes to our promotion strategy, we are 100% transparent and able to send you real time data on how it is performing. Not sure what all is involved with festival promotion? Depending on your festival, the promotion strategy can vary some, but things we can provide are press releases, media creation, targeted local advertising, non-traditional advertising, media buying, targeted digital advertising, media packs and press kits and public relations. We handle pretty much the whole spectrum of what one might utilize to promote such an event.

If whether you are new to planning a music festival, or an experienced veteran, TSE offers the services to help as little or as much as you need. From music festival booking services to running the concert we take pride in being part of your team. Why go anywhere else when you can get a completely customized and turn-key experience? Let us help you plan and produce the music festival of a lifetime!

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