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Corporate Entertainment Events: 6 Keys to Planning

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Need corporate entertainment for an upcoming event? Doesn’t sound so hard. All you need to do if find the entertainment that fits your audience, make an offer, and sign the contract. Should be a breeze and not take much time out of your day.

Wrong! In actual practice there’s a lot more to the booking process for corporate entertainment.  If you are not aware and prepared for them, if could mean the difference between having the right entertainment for your corporate event or scrambling to find somebody for your affair and taking what you can get for entertainment.

Finding the right entertainment for your corporate events starts with the type of Corporate event and what you want to accomplish with the entertainment. Remember not all corporate events with entertainment are the same and not all entertainment will work for all types of events.

For planning purposes, TSE Entertainment likes to know the following about a corporate event to know the right artists to book for it. While the list is not meant to be exhaustive, it allows TSE to learn what it needs to know to better serve corporate clients by booking the right entertainment.

1. Type of Corporate Event:

Corporate entertainment occasions include a variety of very different types. Some include:

  • Product launch or showcase
  • Grand opening
  • Corporate or milestone celebration
  • Holiday party
  • Customer or vendor appreciation event
  • Trade Show

2. Corporate Entertainment Setting:

Often the setting for the corporate event will put limitations on the vibe and the type of entertainment you can book for your event. Corporate event setting can include:

  • Outdoor event (from parking lot, middle of a field to renting an outdoor entertainment venue)
  • In-house event
  • Hotel event
  • Trade show floor
  • Restaurant
  • Theater
  • Club

3. Objective of Corporate Entertainment:

It’s important that what you hope to accomplish with the entertainment has a critical role in the selection process. It’s important that the entertainment not be the focus of the event except when that is the plan, such as rewarding people. Examples of entertainment objectives for corporate events include:

  • Draw people to it (Usually this is a targeted audience so entertainment must appeal to those targeted.
  • Produce publicity for the event: The right entertainment for the event can be an opportunity to get local publicity for your organization or event.
  • Dancing and good music to Reward employees, vendors, customers for a successful milestone.
  • Background music while allowing attendees to network and engage in conversation, such as a cocktail reception.
  • Stage show which allows attendees to sit and be entertained by performers.

4. Corporate Event Vibe:

A vibe is the mood or atmosphere of a situation that it felt by those in it. The vibe is established by the setting for the event, the theme selected, decorations, lighting, entertainment and program.  It’s important in selecting entertainers for a corporate event that they fit the vibe you hope to create.

You wouldn’t want to book a rock band for a black tie formal event any more than you would want to book a string quartet for a Halloween theme party. While these examples may be extreme, there are distinct differences among entertainers as to how they might work with a particular vibe you want to create for your guests.

5. Corporate Audience:

Understanding the audience who will be attending your event is key to booking the right corporate entertainment for it. If you want your occasion to be a success, make sure you know the make up of your audience. Is it composed of people from all walks of life and ages?  Does it skew young or older? Consider both demographic and psychographic data. While you may not be familiar with psychographics, it’s the why people have interest in a product while demographics are the who has interest.  It deals with such things as the interests, values, habits, hobbies, previous actions and other psychological criteria.

  • Demographics:
    • Age
    • Income
    • Race
    • Geographic location
  • Psychographics:
    • Music tastes
    • Engagement (participation) at previous events
    • Cultural issues

Private parties and corporate events are easier to book entertainers because you know the invited guests as opposed to a public event where anyone may show up. Of course, even with public events, the promotion should be targeted at getting a specific targeted audience to attend.

6. Corporate Entertainment Budget:

Once you have digested the above you will not want to reconcile what you have learned with the entertainment budget for your corporate event. Before you go off and think that now I can use that budget to book an entertainer that meets these requirements, think again. You may be surprised to learn that the performance fee is just one part of the overall cost to an entertainment budget. Depending on the setting and contract technical rider requirements, you could be looking at renting staging, sound equipment, lighting, and the people to set up and operate them. You could also have hotel rooms, meals and other hospitality issues entertainers require as part of their contract hospitality rider.

If the event runs over, you could also find yourself facing overtime fees as well. You will want to plan for these kinds of expenses as part of your budgeting for your entertainment portion of your corporate event.

The above list is for planning. Implementation is another story to be told in a future post. The process for finding the right entertainment for your corporate event can be simplified by getting an entertainment booking agency working on your behalf.

Armed with the information you provide from the planning scheme shown above, an agency like TSE Entertainment, can save you a lot of time and resources.  TSE can find you the exact artists to produce the vibe you want for your targeted audience. TSE’s objective will be to make the corporate entertainment portion of your occasion a huge success. One in which people will keep talking about long after the fact.

If the entertainment portion of your corporate event goes well, it should help you achieve the objectives you have in mind for the whole event. Thinks about these planning tips. Knowing the answers might just make you a hero to your coworkers.

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