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Wedding Planning Tips: Ideas Your Guests Will Love PT. 1

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Weddings are truly a significant milestone. With that being said, you need to ensure that everyone sharing this special day is having as much fun as you are. 

When couples plan their weddings, they don’t only think about their happiness. They also make sure that the guests invited to their wedding have the best time as well. Many elements could elevate your guests’ experience, and one of them is by providing special entertainment. 

Whatever the size of your wedding, may it be big or small, a reception isn’t complete without dance-floor filling entertainment that leaves your guests with unforgettable memories. This is why couples work with entertainment booking agencies! It’s so they can find the perfect band to have on their very special day.

If you’re planning your wedding or helping someone out, here are some tips that could help you with your wedding plans. Here are some unique wedding ideas that will prove to be a great addition to your wedding!

Wedding Entertainment

Choose The Perfect Entertainment For Your Wedding

Many couples think that curating a wedding program is such a hefty chore, but there are ways to make things easier for you. For starters, you can start looking for the perfect wedding entertainment by working with entertainment booking agencies like TSE Entertainment. 

When choosing a live band or artist, think about the demographic of your wedding guests. Do they want to get up and dance? Or would they instead enjoy a more intimate setup? Whatever mood or style you’re looking for, a booking agency will help you find the best one for you. 

Make Your Guests Part Of The Program

The great thing about weddings is that it’s a collaborative experience. You can make the night unique and memorable by adding your guests into the mix. 

Involve your guests during the celebration by accepting song requests from them ahead of time. Ask your loved ones what songs they want to hear during the reception, and you can even make a playlist that they can listen to after the wedding is over.

On the day itself, you can even put your guests in the spotlight by offering a live karaoke band and squeezing in an open mic session. Doing this will truly elevate the whole wedding celebration.

Wedding Photography and Video Footage

Create A Wedding Hashtag To Collect The Best Shots Of The Day

As mentioned earlier, involving your guests in your wedding is a sure-fire way to have an amazing and memorable celebration. One of the best ways to have your guests involved and to have more memories you can keep is by starting a wedding hashtag.

A wedding hashtag can be a good tool to collect all your guests’ images and videos so you don’t miss out on any moments of the night. Besides that, you can always go back to the hashtag to relive those unforgettable moments. 

Incorporate Cinematic Wedding Videography

You’d be surprised with how fast time flies when you’re having fun, especially on your wedding day. For this reason, you want to savor all the memories by incorporating video footage into the mix.

Ask your videographer to take shots of all the moments during your wedding day. A bonus is to ask some of your guests to leave some messages in the footage.

The Bottom Line: Although Your Wedding Is You and Your Partner’s Special Day, Don’t Leave Your Guests Out Of The Picture

Weddings are no doubt a cause for celebration. And for this reason, you want to ensure that you, your partner, and your guests have the best time on your special day.

By involving your guests in some parts of the program and working with an entertainment booking agency, you’ll be able to cook up a fantastic entertainment program for your wedding that your guests will surely love. 

How Can TSE Entertainment Help You?

Our years of experience have made TSE Entertainment one of the most sought-after entertainment booking agencies across the United States. If you’re looking for entertainers for your event, you can find the perfect artist with us. Check out our roster of artists today!


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