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Virtual Entertainment Solutions You Should Know This 2021

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We can all agree that 2020 was one hell of a rollercoaster. But despite its doom and gloom, some trends emerged to adapt to the sudden change in people’s lifestyles. And with that, one of the biggest trends dominating 2021 is online entertainment. 

Because of the social restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, public gatherings were canceled. This wrench in people’s plans caused companies to start working from home enabling businesses and families to embrace online platforms to stay connected. With this, virtual entertainment has emerged. 

Virtual entertainment allows people to experience the similar thrill you get from concerts and events, but in the safety of your home. If you’re organizing a family gathering or a corporate event, here are some booking-agency-approved virtual entertainment solutions that could make your event a huge success. 

Virtual Online Quizzes and Games

Online quizzes are perfect for all sorts of events, whether it’s a virtual family reunion or a corporate team-building event. These quizzes can be tailored to suit the participants’ age range, musical taste, culture, and more. This is why it’s a great option that makes every member present feel included in the event. 

Some entertainment companies offer virtual music quizzes filled with exciting surprises, motion graphics, and sound effects which thoroughly engages the audience.

Virtual Performance

One of the things many people missed most last year was attending live music events, concerts, and festivals. Fortunately, many producers have worked their way around the issue and made virtual performances and concerts available to the public via live streaming. 

If you’re thinking of holding a virtual party, work with a reputable event booking agency and consider booking artists to stream an online concert. You can do this by offering recording sessions for the artist, or provide downloadable sets that you, your family, or colleagues can enjoy. 

Virtual Awards Ceremony

Another trend we’ve seen recently that engages the viewer and allows people to feel appreciated (despite the distance) are virtual awards ceremonies. 

We’ve seen this trend in recent ceremonies for music, movies, and television. You can adapt this idea for your company and award team members to motivate them and encourage them to do their best despite the circumstances. Not only does this help strengthen the relations between those involved, it also helps boost morale of everyone on the team!

Virtual Convention Entertainment

As mentioned earlier, one of the things we missed out on in the past year was festivals. With that being said, you can still have a killer lineup of artists and hold a virtual convention to engage your audience and enjoy a unique musical experience. 

Mark a weekend in your calendar where you can host a virtual festival and allow people to interact online. By working with a reliable booking agency like TSE Entertainment, you’ll get to develop a curated artist lineup that will surely impress your peers. 

The Bottom Line: Distance Can’t Stop You From Providing Fantastic Entertainment

Thanks to technology, many families and businesses have found ways to enjoy entertainment without being close to each other. Virtual entertainment will continually rise during this time, and it’s best to use it to your advantage. 

So, if you’re planning a virtual event, partner up with a credible entertainment booking agency and organize an unforgettable virtual event for your family or colleagues. 

How Can TSE Entertainment Help You?

Are you thinking of organizing a virtual event soon? It’s best to work with a credible event booking agency like TSE Entertainment.

TSE Entertainment has experience with booking hundreds of entertainers for various events in Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio, Austin, El Paso, and more. Check out our roster of artists and organize a virtual event today!

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