TSE Works with Event Planners on All Types of Events

TSE Works with Event Planners on All Types of Events

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TSE Entertainment, previously known as Texas Sounds Entertainment, loves working with event planners. When we work with event planners, we handle the live entertainment portion of their event and let the event planning company concentrate on all of the other myriad of details involved in pulling off such an event.

Event Planners can really take the stress off the people holding the event by taking care of all kinds of details such as the music, the food and refreshments, locations, tents, staging, seating, onsite security and so forth.

TSE + Event Planners = TEAM

TSE works hand-in-hand with event planners. Together we can usually save the clients money and definitely save them the grief of coordinating and scheduling the WHOLE SHOW and making it come off smoothly.

Whether the event is a large company event or a small private party, we assist those planning the event by securing the entertainment they need to fit their budget and audience. We can also arrange for the lighting, staging and sound needs of the event. TSE’s 40 years of experience give event planners peace of mind knowing the music entertainment portion of their event is in good hands.

When the event takes place, we make sure the entertainment portion of the event goes off smoothly. TSE does this as part of their team. For large events, TSE’s on site coordinators will even wear the brand of the event planning company. As far as their client is concerned, the event planning company is providing the music entertainment as well.

As example of one of these small events was a recent party on October 29th. TSE’s on-site coordinators traveled to Fulshear, Texas, just a few miles west of Houston to work with ATG Productions on a private event for a birthday celebration in a decorated barn.

ATG is an event planner that handles all sorts of events, including birthdays, weddings, graduations, company parties, promotion events, private parties, Christmas events, and the list goes on and on.

TSE has had the pleasure of working with Lynda Winne, president of ATG, for several years. We know first-hand that she and her staff can handle all kinds of events with extreme professionalism, no matter how big or how small.

TSE’s rapport with ATG is just another example of TSE’s commitment to building long-term relationships with the clients we serve. As a result, TSE is her preferred entertainment booking agency for ATG-planned events.

At this particular celebration, TSE booked Cameran Nelson and his band for the music. Cameran Nelson is from the Austin area and really “delivers the mail” on songs that include Texas Red Dirt, Rock and Roll, classic country and many genres in-between.

They are young and are very, very high energy. This band of musicians all hail from Texas and cut their teeth on rock, country and others. In Texas you’re asked to play everything from Van Halen to Willie Nelson to Lynard Skynard to George Strait! It was a real pleasure having them at this event. Everyone loved them.

TSE used Jimm Davis of Diamond Gem’s Studio and Productions for sound and lights for the event. As usual, Jimm and crew were great to work with, both for the client and the Cameran Nelson Band.

All in all, the birthday celebration was enjoyed by all those attending. The music was great. The setting in a beautiful barn along the Brazos River was great. Did I forget the barbeque? It all made for wonderful afternoon and evening.

Bob Brecht, Ph.D.

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