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Latin Music Artists Changes Announced by TSE

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TSE has been booking Latin music artists for more than 25 years. For the most part the Latin entertainers have been from the Tejano, Tex-Mex, Mexican Regional and Mariachi genres. All that is about to change. While TSE will continue to book Latin entertainers from these Mexican or Texas-based genres, it is expanding its Featured Latin American Artist Roster to include other genres. We expect to have Featured Artists in the following genres: Latin Rock and Alternative; Latin Pop; Latin Urban and Reggaeton; and of course, Salsa, Bachata, Samba, Bossa Nova, etc. music.

TSE has plans to expand its artist roster in each of these areas over time. The change reflects TSE’s growth from a Texas and Southwest U.S. entertainment booking agency to that of a national booking agency. Its roster will mirror the demand for Latin American music across U.S. and Latin America.

2017: Latin Music Artists Breakout Year

In case you weren’t paying attention, 2017 was a breakout year for Latin music. Luis Fonsi’s “Despacito” seemed to be heard everywhere. It has more than 5.8 billion, yes you heard right….billion, views on YouTube. 2017 culminated the recent ascent for Latin music that began with, according to the President of Sony Music U.S. Latin, the release of “Bailando” by Enrique Iglesias in 2014.

The genre has been building with the likes of Iglesias, Nicky Jam, J Balvin and Maluma keeping the interest in Latin music growing. During the same period, the genre itself became more universal.  Along with the traditional sounds of Mexican Regional, Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, Brazilian, Tejano, music and the like came Latin pop and Reggaeton. Latin music became more urban, more danceable, and more popular.

By broadening its appeal Latin American music’s audience is no long limited to Latin America. Streaming platforms allow this music to be heard all over the globe. Anyone who enjoys the rhythms of Latin Music and the artists who perform it can now access it no matter where they live in the world. In the U.S. alone, Latin music revenues grew 37 percent in 2017.

With the growth in Latin Music, gender barriers have collapsed as well. There are now more opportunities for female Latin music artists like never before. It’s all about Latin Music becoming and staying mainstream. As we go into 2019, Latin pop music seems to be more secure than the Latin pop surge of the 90’s fueled by Ricky Martin, Mark Anthony and La Ley. That’s because of the powerful resources available to Latin music artists via the Internet that weren’t available in the 90’s. With social media, streaming and social networks, Latin music artists can stay engaged with and expand their fan base.

Latin American Music artists, Latin music artists, Latin pop music artists, TSE is all in on the burgeoning Latin American music genres and the fans who want to hear that music. We will be expanding our Roster of Featured Latin Music Artists as we go forward. It will be a process because we only want to feature Latin music artists with a fan base that are in demand. Look for some announcements in the coming days and weeks.

Those are “featured” artists. TSE will continue to book up-and-coming Latin artists as well as world renown Latin musical artists. TSE books entertainment for public concerts, fairs, festivals, corporate events, clubs, fundraising galas and private parties. We book the Latin musical artists that match the musical desires and budget of talent buyers. We’ve been doing that since 1975.

Major Change Coming to TSE’s Latin Music Artists Roster

As TSE Entertainment expands its Latin Music Featured Artist Roster in 2019, here’s the take on the artists and genres we expect to showcase.

  1. Tejano, Tex-Mex and Mexican Regional Music: TSE has been booking these music genres for many years and will continue to do so in 2019 or beyond. Whether it’s Michael Salgado, La Mafia, Groupa Vida or others we’ve booked in the past, look for TSE to continue booking these popular Latin Artists.
  2. Latin Rock/Alternative: while recognizing that Latin Alternative has become as diverse as Latin Rock, TSE believes in the common heritage and so will feature artists of these genres together on our roster. Look for our announcements of Latin Musical artists joining this roster as we go forward.
  3. Latin Pop: We expect that our Featured Latin Pop Artist Roster will grow substantially in 2019. We will be announcing several Latin Pop artists joining our featured artist roster early in the new year.
  4. Latin Regional Music: Whether it’s Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, Samba, Bossa Nova, Sertanejo or other regional genres of Latin music, TSE will be looking for quality artists for its Latin music roster. While perhaps not all these Latin music genres will be represented on our Featured Latin Music Artists Roster, TSE will use its relationships to find talented performers from these genres for talent buyers.
  5. Latin Urban/Reggaeton: One of today’s most exciting Latin music genres, this crossover music is influenced by Reggie, Rap, Hip-Hop and Caribbean genres such as Salsa, Merengue, and Soca. Today hip-hop, rap, Reggaeton and R&B genres can be grouped as part of the Latin Urban genre umbrella. Because of its popularity, TSE expects to add artists of this Latin music genre to its Feature Latin Music Artist Roster.
  6. Latin Tribute Artists: TSE has many tribute bands and artists on its Featured Tribute Artist Roster. To make finding Latin Tribute artists easier, they will appear on both the Featured Tribute Artist and the Featured Latin Music Artists Rosters.

TSE staff are excited about the expansion of our offerings of Latin American Music and the talented artists who perform it. Whether you are seeking Tejano, Mariachi, Tex-Mex, Salsa, Bossa Nova, Reggaeton, Pop or Urban Latin music, TSE’s booking staff can help you find the right artist for your event.

We look forward to growing our roster of Featured Latin American Entertainers in the coming year. Keep checking back to watch the expansion of TSE’s Latin music artists roster. Whatever the kind of event you are planning that requires live entertainment, look to TSE for your booking needs.

TSE can supply Latin music artists for any occasion. Whether it’s a Quinceañera, public concert, fundraising gala, corporate occasion, private party, nightclub or another event, TSE takes pride in being able to book the talent you seek. After all, we’ve been doing it since 1975.

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