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The Perfect Party Checklist: Everything you Need For a Good Time

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Whether it’s a reunion, wedding, anniversary, or birthday party, it’s never too early to plan ahead. If you want to host a unique gathering sooner rather than later, you can, as long as you follow a few guidelines. Check-off all of the essentials for throwing the perfect party!

Perfect Party Checklist: The Essentials for a Good Get-together

1. Right Date and Time

This is now the most important aspect of party planning since the pandemic. People now need to plan days and maybe even weeks ahead to accommodate a party. Venues are also much harder to book and are often spaced out in time intervals due to some restrictions. Pick a time and date not too soon from now. 

2. Ideal Venue

The perfect venue is not only wide enough to accommodate everyone, but spacious enough to comply with distancing protocols. An open space can work for any occasion, be it formal or casual. You can make any venue look appropriate with a few decorations.

If your house is big enough to accommodate the appropriate number of guests, the best place to host a party is in your backyard. But make sure everyone has a place to park!

3. Good Food and Drinks

Food and drinks are a must in any social gathering. Some people even go to parties solely for the free food! If you plan to have a party in these times, handheld appetizers or buffet-style serving options are not the most suitable for sanitary reasons. 

Ideally, food should be plated and cooked by a kitchen with chefs following safety guidelines. Make sure you get any allergy information from guests. Diet preferences should also be considered (vegetarian/vegan options should be available). Staff should sanitize plates and utensils, and no plate sharing should be encouraged.

4. Detailed Invitations

Don’t give vague information to your guests, especially if they’re planning to travel for your event. For casual occasions, it can be a simple message to your group texts. For more formal occasions, an invitation in the mail packed securely is alright, though virtual invitations sent through email will do just fine.

5. Great Entertainment

You can still book bands and artists for entertainment. Most performers who aren’t singers (guitarists, drummers, violinists etc.) wear a mask while performing. It is best to book local artists to avoid running into logistical problems and adhere to travel restrictions.


This year and even after may not be the most appropriate time to throw a big party, but it doesn’t mean that it’ll last forever. Parties may have size restrictions now, but things are slowly starting to return to normal. When the time comes, it’s best to come prepared with a list of stuff that you need to celebrate all types of occasions. But, if you’re in the party mood now, keep the guest list small and include only these essentials to throw a great party.

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