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Texas Country Music: Focus of Texas Toast Podcast

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Texas Toast PodcastIf you are a Texas country music fan or like country music in general, the Texas Toast podcast is a can’t miss addition to your listening habits. Texas Toast is a product of TSE Entertainment. TSE is noted for booking and producing country music performances since 1975.  “We wanted to give back something to country music fans who support country artists” according to Robert M. Brecht, Ph.D. a Managing Partner of TSE Entertainment. “We had the talent and technical expertise to do it right, so we made a decision to launch Texas Toast.”

The talent was non-other than Helen Elshick who left her position as a long-time country music radio station host and personality to become part of the TSE team. She along with artist/songwriter and audio engineer, Kyle Tomchesson who also works for TSE were a great combination to make it happen.

In case you haven’t listened to it yet, Texas Toast is a bi-weekly Texas country music-centric show. It provides a forum for both up-and-coming as well as veteran country music performers to tell their stories in a relaxed environment. If anyone can make a performer at ease, it is Miss Helen who has interviewed countless country artists during her years on the radio in different Texas markets.

“I really enjoy hearing the stories of these artists and giving them a platform to inform their fans” says Miss Helen. “By supporting and promoting the stories of veteran Texas and country music artists we hope to encourage young guns and any up-and-coming artist trying to break out in the country music scene.”

“Our goal with this podcast is to inspire and motivate upcoming singers, songwriters and performers of Texas through stories and advice from established or veteran performers and music business representatives.  It also gives music lovers like us a different perspective of the inner-workings of the country music industry from songwriting and publishing to radio play, and studio recording to booking agencies and touring” according to producer and engineer Kyle Tomchesson.

Texas Toast Podcast Covers All Facets of the Texas Country Music Industry

The Texas Toast podcast dives into all parts of the Texas country music industry to gain an insider’s perspective as to how it works while offering our platform as a place for artists to promote their music and share their stories. We talk to songwriters, performers, booking agents, managers and more to give you a refreshing take on the music you love.

Previous guests include Coffey Anderson, Bart Crow, Bri Bagwell, James Lann, Matt Castillo, Brandyn Steen and many more!

Texas Toast publishes two episodes per week. One episode is an interview with an artist, or another person involved with Texas country music on the business side. The second episode which is becoming very popular is the Texas on Tap Texas country chart review. Each week Miss Helen and Kyle discuss songs and artist changes on the latest Texas country charts.

This weekly episode is the ONLY comprehensive Texas country chart recap on Spotify, Apple Podcast, YouTube and other podcast platforms.

You can listen to Texas Toast on all major podcast platforms including Spotify, Apple Podcast, YouTube, Buzzsprout and many other podcast channels. You can also access all episodes at www.texastoastpodcast.com.

If you enjoy country music and specifically Texas country music you should tune into Texas Toast. TSE Entertainment is proud to be the home of this engaging take on Texas country music. It’s another way TSE seeks to give back to country music fans who support country music concerts and performances.

Ready?  Hold your drink up high and let’s toast to Texas country music!

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