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How to Create Your Wedding Playlist: 4 Tips That Could Help

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Music is one of the elements that make weddings even more memorable. By hiring a wedding band, you could make the celebration more special with a live soundtrack to a momentous occasion in your life. The music playing on your wedding day can leave thousands of beautiful memories for your guests, so you have to choose the best songs to include in their recollections. Playing live music is not a problem for experienced wedding bands; the only crucial thing you need to prepare is your wedding playlist. 

How to Choose Songs for Your Wedding Day

Choosing the right songs to play on your wedding day may seem like an easy task, but you could find yourself feeling stuck, not knowing what to write. Sure, you may already have an idea for the song you want as your wedding march,  or even your first dance as a couple, but what about the entire party night? 

Fortunately, we have a list of tips to make the task easier for you. 

Tip 1: Check the Most Played Songs in Your Playlist

There will always be songs that make you and your partner dance like there is no tomorrow and music that makes you scream your lungs out. These songs should be part of your wedding playlist. Besides making you feel good, it would be another memory worth keeping. Imagine singing or dancing to these songs with your favorite people. That could make your day extra special. 

Tip 2: Provide a “Do Not Play” List

What’s in the past should stay in the past. Hearing songs you associate with regretful relationships and times in your life can bring back painful memories at the worst time possible. Besides your list of must-play songs, give your live band a list of songs they should never play. If you have songs that remind you of exes or songs that bring back cringy memories, do not hesitate to block them from your wedding. 

Tip 3: Choose a Band With Extensive Experience

One song request, and they immediately play it―that should be your ideal wedding band’s main characteristic. A band with enough experience means knows how weddings work. It also means they have more songs on their setlist to fill the entire day or night. They can play any music and buffers for transitional periods between events. The ideal band knows when and how to make everyone in the crowd happy and well-entertained. 

Tip 4: Enjoy Making the List

Coming up with a wedding playlist should be a fun activity for the couple. Do not limit yourself to what other people might think. Add the songs that make you feel good and that you think everyone would enjoy. Make the playlist unique to you and your future spouse. 


The best thing about hiring a live band is how they can turn any music genre into something that fits the occasion. They can make dramatic pauses or extend the melody whenever necessary. They can pump up the party and make the event more exciting by inviting guests to sing along with them. Music is a crucial wedding element that adds gravity and more meaning to the special occasion. Make sure that you get a wedding entertainment booking from a trusted agency.

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