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How to Choose the Band That Fits Your Event Best -Part 2

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When you’re trying to book a band for your birthday, wedding, or other celebration, a lot of things come into play. The best place to start, as previously mentioned, is to go with your gut feel when making inquiries. As soon as you’ve narrowed down your list of bands, clarify the repertoire! Be open to making changes or taking on a song or two that may not be entirely to your liking but could please someone you love dearly that’s on your guest list.

Here are a few more additional tips on how to choose the band that fits your event best:

Ask For an Electronic Press Kit (EPK) and/or Video Reel

Any band worth its salt will definitely have photos and videos from previous events they performed at, especially if they have done major events like weddings. Take a good look at how they present themselves. Is the attire fitting for the event you hope to hire them for? Don’t be afraid to ask questions, also. Check if they generally dress in a particular style. Ask about their formal looks if that’s necessary for your event, such as tuxedos and a suit-and-tie combination.

When it comes to their demo, don’t let videos that seem low-quality throw you off. Quality video costs a lot of money, and sometimes, bands just can’t afford it the way agencies or higher-end bands can. If a band that seems promising to you has a demo that just doesn’t sit well, try your best to see them live before making a final decision. Bands that don’t necessarily have extensive expertise in recording or the budget for such things may surprise you in the best way once you watch them live.

See how they carry themselves during their performances at the events. It is possible that they have on-stage demeanor that will not necessarily be appropriate or a good fit for the specific event you need them for. If that’s the case, then don’t feel bad about exploring other options. 

Get Recommendations From Trustworthy Sources

Word of mouth is still the best way to get recommendations when it comes to live entertainment. Call on friends who have had bands at their own events previously. A friend who had a Beatles-themed birthday, for example, will know which tribute acts booking agency would be able to help you best. 

If nobody in your circle is able to help you out, check with your vendors. Caterers, photographers, and even the people working at the venue itself will certainly know great cover bands with reliable booking agents. When all else fails, there’s always the internet. Google can help find pretty much anything these days.


Booking a live band is more and more appealing, especially with the world opening up again slowly from Covid-19 lockdowns. Of course, whatever event you need them for, it’s crucial to have certain standards. Make sure that you check out their portfolio and see them live if you can. Moreover, get recommendations from sources you can absolutely trust.

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