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How to Choose the Band That Fits Your Event Best – Part 1

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So it’s your birthday or that of someone you love. Or, hey, there’s a big wedding happening! Instead of hiring the usual DJ that might just play the same top 40s hits or whatnot, you’ve chosen to just get a band. While it may seem more common to go about booking bands for concerts instead of private events, it’s actually quite possible! Now more than ever, since the world is slowly opening up after the global pandemic essentially froze the world, live entertainment is making a comeback as a booming industry.

Here are some tips on how to choose the band that fits your event best:

Clarify the Repertoire

Make sure you have access to a songbook or list of songs that the band usually performs. It’s important that you’re able to recognize a wide range of their songs on deck. If there are more songs that are unfamiliar to you, that may be a concern. It should be noted that it’s normal to not know every single song on there, since there are different tastes according to clientele and event. 

Make sure that in your case, your preferences are well within the ability and skills of the band you’re eyeing. Ensure that if there are songs or genres you don’t like, they will be more than willing to skip them altogether. The last thing you want is a band leader or member that seems determined to have their way when it’s your event.

However, a band leader with considerable experience will likely say that some of your guests could request songs you’re not into. This is a good sign and worth looking into. Nothing wrong with sitting through a country song or two if that’s what makes someone you love happy, right?

Go With Your Gut Feel

One good tip from the very beginning is to go with your gut feel. Don’t just talk to their manager or agent if you can help it. Try and make contact with someone who’s actually in the band. Most likely, you’ll be able to get a hold of the band leader. Is this someone you feel like you can trust with your event’s music and overall vibe? Do they have a good demeanor and are they well-poised? Did they ask what you like and don’t like, and will they follow through? If the answer to all of that is yes, that’s a great sign. 

On the other side of things, you could end up running into someone that will seem like more of a salesperson than anything else. If the vibe you’re getting is that their bottom line is not about customer satisfaction as much as it is their fees, run. You can apply this principle to other suppliers, too—caterers, event planners, photographers, and so on and so forth.


Sometimes, it can be overwhelming to book an artist for a party. There are several things to consider, after all. The two main points were covered here, but watch this space for more!

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