Derek Spence Tribute To George Strait

George Strait Tribute Draws them in at Mo’s Place

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Everyone seemed to be having a good time at Mo’s Place in Katy, TX Saturday, November 25th, 2017. Why wouldn’t they with Southern County Line and Tribute to George Strait on the bill.

In case you are not familiar with Mo’s Place, it’s a Katy. Institution. In fact, 2018 marks the 30th Anniversary of Mo’s Place, a Katy C&W dance club which features many great local and Nashville acts.

Southern County Line kicked off the opening set right at 9:30. Based out of Houston, Southern County Line was named 2018 CMA of Texas Band of the Year. It is now one of the premier country music bands in the Texas area.

They didn’t disappoint their fans. It was great to hear them play a variety of C&W music with a little Cajun thrown in for this audience. Vocals and instrumentals were spot on. Jeremy Creed sure knows how to make that fiddle sing.
Southern County Line is made up of Chris Brade (2018 CMA of Texas Songwriter Of The Year) on lead vocals and acoustic guitar, Rick Carr (2018 CMA of Texas Instrumentalist Of The Year) on lead guitar and vocals, Jeremy Creed (2017 CMA of Texas Johnny Gimble Fiddle Player Of The Year) on fiddle, mandolin, and vocals, Dustin Rychlik on drums and vocals, and Eric Tewes on bass guitar.

While the crowd was a good size for the opening set, you could tell Derek Spence’s Tribute to George Strait was coming up. By 11:00 p.m., the place was really crowded and there was a line outside. They came to see the top “George Strait Tribute” Act in the United States.

Derek gave a truly authentic experience to Mo’s audience, focusing on the look, sound and mannerisms of George Strait. It’s uncanny how much he looks, acts and sounds like King George. The audience loved him and he gave them what they came for….a repertoire of George Strait tunes with Glenn Campbell’s Wichita Lineman included to please this Texas audience.

I swear, that by the way some members of the female audience react, they must think he is the real deal! If you have never seen Derek’s Tribute to George Strait, you can see and listen to him on our website. He is one of TSE Entertainment’s Featured Artists. Just follow the link:

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