ZOR the FyreGod

Fire Dancer, Fire Eater, Fire Breather...

ZOR the FyreGodIn a raging spectacle, I wield flaming Swords, DragonStaffs and Ballnchains to spin intricately woven circles of Fire, while eating Fire in a very cool spin of martial arts and tribal dance. It is unusually breathtaking and immediately captivates you with a beautiful, reverent showmanship.

This is NOT just another fire eating sideshow. It is a lot of Fire in a uniquely artful Mainstage ‘experience’ that will Fire up your soul with possibilities. And if appropriate I can preface it as an opp to ‘Burn Off” the BS from the last year and use the Fire to regenerate our world as we know it should be. My 20yr practice and pursuit of excellence in this art has been the most significant personal transformation, allowing my passion, character & stage presence to express something no other FireDancer does.

You’ll see what I mean.

And to “fire them up”, I can begin with walkabout Fire-eating vignettes thru the mingling crowd before (or aftershow), so they see the purple flame vortex in my throat up close and personal! Then for those who are brave enough to reach out their hands, to pop the flame on their palms so they can feel the heat, & still easily wave it out. I find that it’s those most afraid of it who come back for more!
As well, I can be a PanDragon Stilt Creature, a 9’ silent stilt walking character who playfully engages the unwary human

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