Tyler Chase

There have been many paths but one focus — to write and sing the songs his life created.

Tyler ChaseLike his grandfather, Tyler has always stayed locked in on a vision of what he wants. His EP out now, Hangin’, presents a collection of songs written by Tyler and a few of his friends. Produced by Evan Sieling, the energy, and soul of this up-and-coming entertainer is evident in every note and word. 2021 was a pivotal year for Tyler Chase. With the release of a personal tribute to his mom on Mother’s Day, 2021, “What a Momma Does”, he has gained momentum and critical acclaim.

The song is a showcase of his writing and vocal ability. Life has taught Tyler Chase many lessons that have culminated in a unique style of storytelling. Those sounds are the heartbeat of his simple approach to writing and singing. Tyler Chase created the live recordings of the Hangin’ Sessions with his band in Nashville in August of 2021. These are live audio/video performances that are currently being released each month to complement the studio versions.

Tyler finished the year strong by being displayed at the 2021 International Fairs & Expo’s Convention in San Antonio, TX, and presenting four nights of shows at Resort World Las Vegas during NFR. 2021 was a breakout year for Tyler Chase. 2022 has already started busy for Tyler Chase. With performances during the Ft. Worth Stock
Show, and other Texas venues, Tyler continues to craft his live shows and connect with audiences at every show.

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Download Tyler Chase Electronic Press Kit Now

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