Sunny Sauceda

Three-time Grammy Award Winner

San Antonio native and accordion extraordinaire, Sunny Sauceda, has electrified stages and fans alike across the United States and Mexico. As a three-time GRAMMY Award Winner and recipient of 26 Tejano Music Awards including 2022 Entertainer of the Year, Sauceda continues to mesmerize his audiences with the intensity and energetic passion that radiates from his performances.

Sauceda has been a staple over the past 40 years in the music industry and has been extremely influential. With 7 successful albums distributed under his independent label, Solstice Records he has had multiple chart-topping hits. His soulful voice has captivated many. He is a true entertainer who happens to play accordion and has been highly revered by accordion players across the globe. His influence on accordion players across different genres and continents speaks volumes of his mass appeal. He has gained new followers and continues to excite fans with his social media outlets and performances with multiple viral videos that caught the attention of millions internationally.

Sauceda has always dabbled in Texas Country as he has had multiple records in his catalog, opened up for the 2005 Fly Dixie Chick tour, recorded with Robert Rodriguez, Mexican Western Spaghetti, and with the late Charlie Robison. However, the fans have spoken and for over 20 years have requested him to do what he does but in English which he is now adhering to and bringing his accordion style into the Texas Country/Red Dirt Market.

Sunny Sauceda is ready to set the Texas Country music industry on fire!


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