Stefani Montiel

One of Tejano Music’s Biggest Stars

stefani montielStefani Montiel is at the top of the list of Tejano Music Stars. Her long career includes honors and awards in Latin Grammy, Tejano Music and Hispano Music. They include 4 Latin Grammy nominations for Best Tejano Album, a nomination for Best Mexican American Album and Best Tejano Performance. In 2017 She won the Tejano Music Award’s Female Vocalist of the Year and Entertainer of the Year.

Stefani Barela Sullivan better known as “Stefani Montiel” was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico to an eclectic Mexican, Spaniard, German and Italian culture. As a proud Latina she used her roots as a foundation for her life and music. Stefani’s musical ancestry has inspired and strengthened her classical training making her an irrefutable ingredient of the new Latin sound. Whether she is singing a ballad, ranchera, salsa, cumbia or her signature mix of Latin and R&B there is no mistaking Stefani’s sweet, smooth, and powerful voice.

Tejano music awardThe release of her fifth album contained a strongly rooted Tejano sound fused with Regional Mexican, Pop and Tropical hints that would become Stefani’s signature style. The first single “Ay Papi” drew instantaneous success throughout the country catapulting her to an international market. In Puerto Rico, the song debuted at number four between Metallica and Celine Dion. At the rising success of the album VH1 aired the “Ay Papi” video solidifying her as a bonafide star and songwriter earning her first Grammy nomination for “Best Tejano Performance” at the first Latin Grammy’s. With all her success and second Latin Grammy’s nomination for “Best Tejano Album” it was time that the American Grammy’s took notice for her sixth album nominating her for “Best Tejano Album”.

Stefani not only stands out for her incredible vocals; she is a tremendous performer. She draws in crowds with her energetic shows entertaining her faithful fans and opening the eyes and ears to new ones. She knows what it takes to make it in today’s Latin scene making her one of today’s hottest artists. Compelling, sophisticated, stylish, charismatic, this is Stefani Montiel.

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