Rotel and The Hot Tomatoes

Named as one of the top ten party bands in the United States by Harper’s Bazaar magazine

Party bands, corporate entertainmentIf you like to dance, watch a great show, and party, then you’re going to love Rotel and the Hot Tomatoes! A mix of party band and tribute band, Rotel and The Hot Tomatoes’ show captures the sounds, the look, and the fun of all your favorite 60s bands, 70s bands, 80s bands, 90s bands, all the way through to the popular music you hear on the radio today!

The Hot Tomatoes are 3 dazzling vocalists who take the stage decked out in one outrageous costume after another with big hair, shimmy dresses, sequins, and skin-tight leopard pants. Rotel & the Hot Tomatoes are beehives for breakfast, leopard-skin for lunch, and satin for supper. When the Hot Tomatoes dance, strut, sing, and stomp, you are sure to have as much fun as the law allows. You can expect the best in live entertainment from this dynamic and fun cover band!

The Hot Tomatoes are skillfully supported by Rotel, accomplished musicians who use a combination of guitar, saxophone, keyboards, drums, bass and vocal to recreate the best music of rock and roll from its early days to today.

Rotel and the Hot Tomatoes combine world-class vocals and musicianship, stunning costumes, precision choreography, a “blast-from-the-past” repertoire, and hilarious comedy into a unique, dynamic and exciting show that never fails to leave audiences wanting more.

In their home state of Texas, Rotel and the Hot Tomatoes are a legendary local cover band that turns any corporate event, wedding, or private event into an unforgettable experience. “We had just landed in Oklahoma City on Friday for a show when we got a call from Austin saying that Governor Bush wanted us to play his Christmas party at the Governor’s Mansion that Sunday.” said Rotel drummer James Cruz. “He danced all night and even got on stage with us.”

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