Rock Roulette

A powerhouse classic Rock Cover Band

Rock RouletteRock Roulette is an extremely energetic, powerhouse Tribute Cover Band that consists of five extremely talented and decorated musicians that has become the “top draw”.

Rock Roulette features “Cian Coey” on lead vocals, Cian is currently co-lead singer with Mickey Thomas’s STARSHIP and formally with MEATLOAF. Her musical talent and stage performance is amazing as you might imagine. Additionally on guitar “Scott Van Zen” is a masterful player who was the lead guitar player for Brian Howe’s BAD COMPANY for many years. This band is amazing!

Rock Roulette’s diverse musical tastes coalesce into an undeniably full and complex sound. The band has created (unique) medleys to tribute some of the most popular bands of our era. Bands like Journey, Foreigner, Def Leppard, AC/DC, Bon Jovi, and countless other colossal acts.

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Download Rock Roulette Electronic Press Kit Now

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Download Rock Roulette Electronic Press Kit Now

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