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Comedy Juggling, Magic, Balancing Acts and More!

Pat Davidson Comedian Juggler and MagicianPat Davison is a veteran of almost five decades of entertaining worldwide with his Comedy, Juggling, Magic and Balancing acts. Immediately after graduating from the University of Minnesota with a degree in Theater, Speech and Communications he went on the road touring with circuses, fairs, theaters, amusement parks, cruise ships, television – you name it!

Highlights of Pat’s career include several tours as halftime entertainment with the Harlem Globetrotters National and International Units, featured as the Specialty Act and sketch comic with “The Best of Burlesque!” along with actor Frank Gorshin, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Fitness Expo, “The Statler Bros. TV Show!”, more than a dozen appearances on “Bozo’s Circus!” on WGN-TV, two seasons with the mammoth Circus Vargas, Canadian TV’s “CIRCUS!”, and hundreds of shows with circuses and fairs, both big and small.

In 1994 Pat flew to the island of Cebu in the Philippines and married his pen pal of two years, Marites Gako. Marites had never even been to a live show in her native Toledo City, but after a few months working in shows here in the States, she was soon recognized as one of the most beautiful and talented assistants in the business! Be sure to catch her radiant smile as she appears on stage with her proud husband, Pat!

Mabelle Gako Davison was already a veteran performer at age three when she became “The World’s Youngest Professional Unicyclist!”. She was a featured part of her family’s act with her mom, Filipina-born Marites and her pure “white bread” American dad, Pat. As a team they performed on cruise ships, amusement parks, circuses, fairs and theaters (including “The Comedy Pet Theater” at the Grand Country Music Hall in Branson, Missouri).

Mabelle’s unicycling skills earned her a spot on “Sabado Gigante!” on Univision (at age five), and “Steve Harvey’s BIG TIME!” on the Warner Bros. Network when she was eight years old. She scared Steve half to death as she rode around the stage on her one-wheeler – blindfolded!

Mabelle is best known for her hula hoop presentation, “Miss Mabelle, The Texas Tornado!”. She is proudly labeled as such because she and her family make their home base in south Texas, and her flashy hula hooping brings to mind a whirlwind tornado! From the audience it brings out a storm of thunderous applause!

Pat’s circus skills were perfected by working in circuses of every size and shape, in major arenas like St. Louis’ Busch Stadium, and even small tented shows barnstorming tiny communities coast to coast. These skills were highlighted as part of the halftime entertainment with the famous Harlem Globetrotters basketball team’s world tours to North and South America, Europe and the Middle East.

Fairs, large and small, are a favorite venue of Pat and his family (wife, Marites and 24-year-old daughter, Mabelle). “Pat Davison’s CIRCUS of COMEDY & MAGIC!” goes over great with fair goers of every age group.

Their stage shows for fairs and amusement parks include Comedy Juggling, Comedy Magic, Hula Hoops by Miss Mabelle “The Texas Tornado!”, Unicycles and Audience Participation. Typically, they will present two or three shows per day, on the fair’s stage, each show 25-30 minutes in length. They will even provide their own sound system when necessary.

When you are looking for good, clean, professional live entertainment don’t overlook this talented, easy-to-work-with family show!

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