Mestizo Productions

Creating unique and unforgettable experiences in each presentation.

Shows that aim to provide unique audiovisual experiences for every occasion. We stand out for adapting to the needs of the client to present the most innovative proposals of our live talent fused with 3D mapping projections, led screens, holographic fabrics, among others.

Focused on making audiovisual performances for all types of events (Social, Corporate and Live Events). We build entertainment performances for the presence of brands, promotional products as well as an immersive experience for the audience. Through the use of live talent, percussion, musical effects, 3D Mapping, LED Drums, unique costumes, and audiovisual content design.

These elements can also be used into virtual performances as part of our services. Increasing audience engagement through pre-recorded digital performance content. Making each live stream session an interactive experience to all attendees. Bringing a connection between performers and graphic elements obtaining a visual effect all together with musical effects and one of a kind choreography from our artists.

A solution to make each session unique and receive audience engagement. Creating a “wow factor” to the audience.

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Download Mestizo Productions Electronic Press Kit Now

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