Led Zeppelin Tribute: Mothership

Mothership goes to great lengths to recreate the authentic feel of a Zeppelin concert.

Known for their captivating live performances, the San Antonio-based Led Zeppelin Tribute band MOTHERSHIP recreates the authentic feel of a Zeppelin concert during the band’s heyday in the mid ’70s; including an elaborate laser, light and fog show, complete with Theremin, bow solos, and more.

Recreating the soaring vocals of Robert Plant is no easy task but vocalist Sean Finch takes on the task with fearless abandon.

Likewise, attempting to fill the shoes of a guitar god like Jimmy Page would be enough to make most guitar players curl into a ball and hide in a corner, but guitarist Albert Steves fills the role with ease and grace.

Rounding out the lineup, drummer Mary Bolner, rhythm guitarist Brent Ferguson, bassist Conor Gober, and keyboardist Daniel Elliott all have their work cut out for them re-creating this massive catalog of music – and each of their talents is on full display as the band deftly maneuvers the audience through Zeppelin’s shades of dark and light.

Like Zeppelin, this Led Zeppelin cover band also arranges intricate medleys of popular rock anthems into the show, keeping each show fresh, energetic and full of surprises.

You’re just as likely to see Conor pick up a cello as you are to see Brent pick up a classical guitar or jump on the keys with Danny – all in the name of creating a magical experience for the audience.

After breakout performances at the iconic Aztec Theatre in San Antonio, TX and House of Blue in Houston, TX – the Led Zeppelin Tribute Band MOTHERSHIP stands poised to take the country and the world by storm.

The bottom line: MOTHERSHIP is a great Led Zeppelin cover band and is a unique experience not to be missed!

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