Fearless Flores Thrill Show

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The Fearless Flores Thrill ShowNO EVENT TOO LARGE OR TOO SMALL


  • Motorcycle Madness in the “Globe of Death”
  • Heart Stopping Action 30′ in the air on the “Wheel of Destiny”
  • Jaw Dropping Balance High Above the Ground on the “Aerial Swaypole”
  • Two-Wheeled Spectacular Motorcycle “Raceway in The Sky”

And Much More

  • Thrill Acts…Aerial Acts…Ground Acts…

The Fearless Flores Thrill Show – unmatched, world class entertainment featuring thrill acts… aerial acts… ground acts… and specialty acts!

This dynamic thrill show includes any of these individual acts or all acts combined to create one death-defying, jaw dropping show!

Globe: Multiple motorcycles racing around and upside down, coming within inches of each other. This giant metal cage becomes the center of attention when the Fearless Flores demonstrate motorcycle madness.

Wheel of Destiny: Running… Jumping… skipping rope… balancing with every movement. The Spinning Wheel of Destiny is truly an apparatus that keeps viewers on the edge of their seat and the performer on the edge of DANGER.

Aerial Sway Pole: Risking life and lib high in the air. Demonstrating balance and grace high above the ground.

Motorcycle Raceway in The Sky: As the Motorcycle races up the wire not only does it carry the rider, but it also carries a second performer who is suspended by a trapeze directly underneath. Performers must work as a team to balance the motorcycle and the trapeze as they demonstrate balance, strength, and dexterity.

MEGAMORPH: Our newest attraction is a full-size automobile capable of transforming into a huge robot, right before your eyes

As the crowd gathers, they are treated to musical sounds of robots and machines. With all eyes, cameras and phones locked on what seems to be a normal Chevy Camaro, the music suddenly changes. As smoke creeps out of the car and luminescent lights accent the interior, the car begins to transform and within moments morphs into a robot standing almost 15′ tall. Spectators young and old alike are introduced to Megamorph and insist their friends and neighbors experience this

Our Thrill Show

  • Completely self-contained.
  • We supply lighting and sound.
  • Set-up available indoors and outdoors
  • Show tailored to time slot
  • Family oriented and presented in a first-class professional manner
  • Up close and personal with meet & greet and autograph session after each show.

We guarantee your satisfaction and that of your audience.

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