Fabian Christopher International Grand Illusionist

High energy performance, superb showmanship, and mind-boggling illusions

fabian christopherAudiences and critics around the world have enjoyed the award-winning magic and illusions of Fabian Christopher, the world’s most celebrated African American Magician of our time. He started at the age of 8 with little magic tricks. After years of practice beginning in 1984, he totally astounded his audience performing for numerous opening acts, club shows, and benefits.

In 1987, audiences were treated to a re-created version of Houdini’s trunk escape ( Metamorphosis) performed in a record breaking time of 2.3 seconds. His phenomenal performance on the Sammy Davis Jr. Telethon in 1990 pushed his career even further He continues to dominate the world of magic on stage, television, and at corporate events.

This polished stage illusionist covers all the elements of magic: from extraordinary close up miracles to astonishing stage illusions. The Dynamite Duo have continued to mystify and thoroughly entertain their television and live audiences. Their celebrated illusions and imaginative combinations of showmanship, romance, and theatrics have led them to become the most sought-after illusionists in the country.

Fabian Christopher has been a featured act with the largest cruise company in the world, Carnival Cruise Lines. He performs to a standing room only crowd weekly on the luxury ship “The Fantasy.” For seven years, astounding mysteries of the ages have been presented with contemporary elegance and unfolded in an exclusive intimate performance. Mesmerizing illusions and high-energy dancers excite in his beyond belief spectacular. Possessing a host of death-defying illusions and lavish costumes, Fabian Christopher and Deva will mystify and challenge your imagination with spellbinding physical phenomenon and spectacular close up magic with audience participation.

With all new and original magical masterpieces, audiences for his latest show will witness the appearance of a Harley Davidson motorcycle in the blink of an eye, followed by the most astounding penetration illusion to date, death defying escapes, and much more. All this is complimented by luminous scenery, lavish costumes, and live magicam video technology which allows audiences of every size to experience the magic of the unbelievable.

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Download Fabian Christopher International Grand Illusionist Electronic Press Kit Now

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