Rebirth of La Ley

diacero bandThe founding members of the Hispanic rock group, La Ley are back together making new music while reviving the sound of La Ley. If you enjoyed the pre 2000 sound of La Ley’s music you are in for a treat with DIACERO.

This legendary group of musicians consisting of founding members of La Ley; Mauricio Claveria, Rodrigo Abolitz, Luciano Rojas and Pedro Frugone (who joined the group after the death of its founder Andrés Bobe in 1994) is not done making Hispanic Rock music and entertaining live audiences. After all, they set the standard for the next generation of rock in Latin America bringing the New Wave sounds to Spanish-speaking audiences. DIACERO is fronted by acclaimed Chilean singer, Ignacio Redard who joined the group from the band Plugin for the chance to be part of one of Latin Rock’s legendary bands.

With their renewed freedom of expression, the band is going back to making music again as they did as La Ley “until the year 2000.” They approach their music today with a revitalized sense of expression to create original rock for both old and new audiences and fans. Today the group writes music together and each new song is a fusion of the creative input of each of the band members.

Their new album Topografía is a gift for those who miss the time when the phenomenon of “National Rock” still invited all to sit and listen, to attend concerts, and collect albums.

DIACERO hopes to connect with all the hardcore fans of La Ley as well make new fans for their music and performances. Their shows are spectacular and they will fill the seats with La Ley fans.

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