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Booking Entertainment for Private Events

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Booking entertainment for private parties, including your holiday party, wedding, corporate event, fundraising gala, high-school reunion, theme party or birthday party can be challenging. After all, the band you book can mean the difference between a nice event and a great event. The last thing you want is your guests seated at their tables looking bored while the entertainment is in full swing.

Mambo Jazz kings, private party entertainment Most people looking to book entertainment for these kinds of events, turn to what the industry calls “cover bands.” Another descriptor for cover bands are party or function bands. That’s because cover bands play songs that we all know and enjoy. They play other artists’ music. Depending on the cover band, their song list may include popular music from the 50’s all to way to present day popular music.

That variety of music will appeal to guests form a variety of backgrounds and ages. There’s something for everyone. Because they have learned so many songs, cover bands often can handle requests for specific songs.

Most cover bands can also downsize or up size to fit your budget. Many can provide form 3 or 4 pieces up to a full orchestra depending on your needs and budgets. They can also play cocktail or dinner music before they break into dance music to get your guests on the dance floor.

It’s easy to see why cover bands are sought after for holiday, corporate and private events. Cover bands usually book on a local basis and will travel a few hundred miles for a performance. There are exceptions of course. Check out TSE’s Roster of Party/Function bands and you will see what I mean.

There is another fun type of band that might just fit the bill for your corporate or private party entertainment. They are called tribute bands.

Booking Entertainment for Private Parties: Cover Bands vs. Tribute Bands

In recent years, there has been an influx of another form of live talent: tribute bands. At first glance, a cover band and a tribute band may seem like the same thing, but there are a handful of significant differences between the two. A cover band does not pay homage to a specific artist or band, and they typically play music ranging across several artists and decades. A tribute band usually pays tribute to music of a specific Michael Jackson Tribute: Joby Rogersartist or time period. A few examples of icons that TSE tribute artists mimic are Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Fleetwood Mac, The Eagles, Adele, Kenny Chesney, Michael Jackson and George Strait. Almost all tribute bands incorporate visual and vocal impressions in their act as well.  Check out TSE’s Roster of Tribute Bands on our website.

Tribute artists go through a lot of constant work to perfect their act. In addition to learning each song as accurately as possible, many of the best tribute bands try to mimic the mannerisms and vocal inclinations of whoever it is they are trying to emulate. If the band or musician they are impersonating dresses a particular way, the better tribute acts will try to find clothing or a costume that echoes the style of whoever they are paying tribute to. A quick example using a couple of TSE tribute bands would be The Damn Torpedoes, a Tom Petty tribute, and Gypsy, a Fleetwood Mac tribute. Both of these tribute bands use the signature looks of the artists they are impersonating. In a way, tribute artists are one part musicians and one part actors all rolled up into one very entertaining package. The ultimate goal for tribute bands is to sound and have the overall appearance and mannerisms as the artist they have chosen to pay homage to.

Unlike most cover bands who stick relatively close to home, tribute bands are touring bands and travel across the United States and beyond our shores.

Consider These Tribute Band Ideas When Booking Entertainment for Private Parties

Booking entertainment for private partiesTribute bands work very well with any crowd, but for themed parties it could mean the difference between a fun time and a totally tubular night at an 80s themed event! Themed events are growing in popularity, and not only around Halloween time either. All times of year, themed parties are being thrown and having a tribute artist play at your themed event could take it to an entirely new level.

Even if the event is not themed or geared towards a certain decade, tribute bands could still enhance the experience someone has at your event. For example, a fashion gala could call for a tribute band of a musician who also had an impact on the fashion world. Another way to utilize a tribute band for a common event is to have a tribute band perform at your high-school reunion. Find a group that was popular the year you graduated, hire a tribute band who impersonates that artist, and then watch as all your classmates have memories flood back to them; all because you made a good call on the live entertainment!

Weddings are another great avenue to use to show off a tribute band. Having live music at your wedding is usually a huge hit with guests. It can be special for the bride and groom too. Why not hire a tribute to a musician or band that you and your to-be spouse love? That way, you can slow dance to all of your favorite slow jams. Remember anything automatically becomes more romantic when live music is involved!

Connect with TSE When Booking Entertainment for Private Parties

Whether you are considering a cover band or a tribute band, TSE can help find the one you need for your holiday party, corporate function, wedding or fundraising event.

Need a cover band for you function? No problem. We work with party function bands all across the United States.

Thinking about a tribute band for your next event?  No problem. Finding a tribute band is easier than you may think. These types of bands are not special to “classic” artists or deceased artists. TSE can put you in connection with a wide variety of tribute acts ranging from Adele to Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Come to us with your event ideas and budget; we will help you find the perfect band for whatever kind of event you are hosting. Whether a cover band or a tribute band, TSE can make it happen for your event.

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