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8 Wedding Entertainment Ideas for Small Weddings

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A small, intimate wedding is easy to manage and perfect for couples on a tight budget or who don’t like grand celebrations. Still, you need to keep your guests entertained, and for a small group, you might find it challenging to find the right type of entertainment for your wedding ceremony. Don’t worry; here are some ideas to help you out: 


A harpist is one of the most popular musicians that perform at weddings, no matter the size. Harpists invoke more emotions and make the celebration even more special and intimate. The soothing tones that a harp makes are perfect for small weddings, making the event even more memorable. 

Solo Guitarist

At small wedding ceremonies, another entertainment idea is a solo guitarist. Since it’s a small ceremony, your guests can make song requests easily. For sure, your guests will love this. 

Sax & DJ

You can get a DJ if you don’t want live musicians at the party. You can spice it up by having a live saxophonist to make a huge difference. With a saxophonist, it can help set the atmosphere apt for a wedding. 


Having a caricaturist at a small wedding seems more ideal because it can be challenging for a solo caricaturist to draw every guest if it’s a big wedding. On the other hand, if it’s only for a small group, more guests can have their faces drawn.


You might think that a magician is only best for kiddie parties, but you can have one on your wedding day as well. Having a magician can provide entertainment to your guests to keep them entertained during the “in-betweens.” Magicians can perform various acts from stage shows to mind reading and many more. 


There are many choices when it comes to picking a live wedding musician, yet one of the best ones is having a pianist at the event. Since it’s only a small wedding, the background music coming from the piano will work much better. The sound of the piano may also help make the wedding even more intimate. 

Singing Waiters

Another great entertainment idea on your wedding day is to have singing waiters on board. You can hire two or three singing waiters who can disguise themselves as staff and have them come out of nowhere, singing! Your guests will be in for a fantastic surprise. 

Wedding Band

You can hire a whole band that can adjust their performance and set based on your wedding size and preferences. A wedding band will surely keep the party going; for small weddings, three-men bands or even acoustic ones will be perfect. 

Make Your Small Wedding Rock!

Even with a small wedding, you can still make your wedding rock. All you need is the right type of entertainment and it will be a memorable event. Try out these ideas but make sure you choose the one you and your future spouse will love. After all, it’s your wedding day—so, whatever floats your boat!

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