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5 Advantages of Hosting Live Music at Your Corporate Event

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Business isn’t all about staying inside the office and grinding your way to close sales and meet clients. A considerable part of running a company is celebrating your company’s efforts by strategically hosting corporate events.

Corporate events are excellent occasions to boost your staff’s morale while connecting to your guests, including past clients, investors, and prospective sponsors. It’s more or less an excuse to bring people together for strengthening and expanding your business networks. This is why it’s crucial to run a successful event, from planning to execution.

The advantage of having live music at a corporate event

Like any event, you’ll need to worry about securing the venue, reserving catering, and finalizing your guest list. These are the essentials that should be your priority to ensure a smooth-flowing event. Besides the basics, you need to be considerate of the general mood and tone of the event. This is where live music can come in.

Instead of sticking to a DJ who plays tracks on a loop, live bands can give your event a stylistic accompaniment to reinforce your theme. It’s an enhancement to your event’s ambiance that’s hard to ignore.

In this article, we will share five advantages of hosting live music at your corporate event.

Live bands can match any event theme

An event’s theme doesn’t start and stop with the visual aesthetics, such as interior design and dress code; it’s also about setting the mood through music and ambiance. A live band is flexible enough to resonate with your corporate event’s vibe, whether you’re aiming for a formal black tie or a casual jazz night.

Live bands can switch gears at any time

Although corporate events generally have to follow a theme, that doesn’t mean you can’t switch gears during the middle of the occasion. If you want to spice up the dance floor, a live band can adjust accordingly from the classics to R&B. They can also provide instrumental accompaniment to other performers who’ll want to take center stage.

Live bands make your event feel grander

There’s a reason why live music is more costly than hiring a single DJ. The simple presence of live instruments can make any event more official and legitimate, which is why many event planners prefer it during formal and grand occasions.

Live bands have their own equipment

Finding talent can be a budget saver for your logistical expenses. Most musical performers have their own rigs and gear that allows them to play at any event with their preferences in setups. Because of this, you won’t have to pay extra in renting amps and soundboards from equipment providers.

Live bands can offer extra services

Performers aren’t one-trick ponies. Otherwise, they’d be working with limited clients. This is why some bands provide additional services that can benefit your event. A band’s frontman can double as your event’s MC or work the PA. Some bands have so much gear on their hands that they can practically upgrade the sounds and lighting setup for your venue.


Corporate events are usually seasonal or anniversary occasions, which is why most companies hold only a handful of corporate events every year. For this reason, you must go all-out in ensuring that your public or private occasion is fit to impress your attendees. A successful corporate event can go a long way to opening many doors for your brand.

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