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3 Essential Tips on Matching Your Music To Your Wedding’s Theme

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There are so many layers you need to consider when you’re planning your dream wedding. Besides the physical variables such as your wedding dress, the color scheme, your venue, the lighting, and the food, some factors will help make your wedding even more memorable. 

One of the most vital aspects of a wedding is the type of music you have during the reception. This can be quite tricky because your choice of music can make or break the mood of your wedding. 

The best way to deal with this wedding dilemma is by hiring a reputable wedding entertainment booking agency to help you find the perfect band or DJ for your reception. Besides that, they can help formulate the perfect playlist in the background throughout the event. 

If you’re planning your wedding and struggling to put together a proper playlist, don’t worry; we’re here to help. Here are our three essential tips that will help you put together the wedding playlist of your dreams.

Consider Your Reception Venue

One of the best ways to develop a good playlist for your wedding is by matching the music to your wedding venue. For example, if you’re having a destination wedding on an island, the perfect way to spice up the event is by playing local and tropical music to lighten up the mood and get people to enjoy the sun-kissed scenery. 

Suppose you’re having a traditional wedding in a grand hall. In that case, traditional ballroom music will help keep things formal and elegant — perfect for a classic wedding. Some favorites would be fantastic crooners like Frank Sinatra or the warm, honey vocals of Ella Fitzgerald; they’ll definitely provide a nostalgic, classy, and formal style. 

Play Around With Your Personality

A great way to ensure that you and your guests enjoy the biggest night of your life is by matching your music to your personality. Sticking to your musical taste is always a no-brainer way to get you and your guests in a sentimental mood. 

Ideally, you want to work with a fantastic band that can fuse some of your genre favorites into their set. Thankfully, wedding entertainment booking agencies can help you find the perfect band to hire for that extra musical oomph on your wedding day. 

Keep Your Heritage in Mind

Lastly, another awesome way to help you choose songs for your wedding day is by paying tribute to your historical heritage. Ask your relatives about your family history and what type of music older generations used to listen to — this will surely bring back some memories for you and your family. 

For example, if your family comes from the South, country music is a great option to squeeze into your playlist. Doing this will add an intimate layer to your weddings since you’re letting your family know how special they are on your wedding day. 

The Bottom Line: Matching Music to Your Wedding Isn’t Hard

If you’re struggling with putting together an amazing playlist for your wedding, these tips should help you narrow down your choices and help you create a fire playlist that you and your guests will enjoy. Besides that, working wedding entertainment booking companies can help you find the perfect band and DJ to help bring in the groove and move to the dancefloor.

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