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10 Event Marketing Tips for Social Media

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Event marketing for a live entertainment event is an important part of having a successful event. No matter the size of the event, it’s important to develop an event marketing strategy to reach those who you target to attend the event. It’s an essential first step in event marketing or event promotion.

The Goal of a Live Event Marketing Strategy is Traffic

Event promotion requires attracting traffic to the campaign.  An entertainment marketing campaign with no eyeballs on it, does not help getting people at the event. Getting traffic to view an event promotion campaign is one of the most important KPIs (key performance indicators) needed for campaign to be successful.

Although it is one of the most important ways to promote an event, driving traffic proves to be the most difficult part of any entertainment marketing campaign. Timing, audience, and attractive content are some of the challenges among the many that can make or break a successful campaign. Traditional marketing tactics like press releases; print, television and radio advertising; and street teams will have success when it comes to event marketing, but social media marketing is the most effective approach to reaching today’s concert audiences.

event marketingThe event marketing world is about social media. No matter where you are in your event planning stages, social media is a powerful tool. You can easily reach a wide range of audiences with different demographics, psychographics, and geographies with it. As a result, the social media reach is global. For that reason, event social media marketing has become the “norm” in terms of go to marketing strategies. If you are not a marketing savant, then you’re probably wondering how you can use social media to promote an event. If you happen to be a marketing professional, then you understand how difficult it can be to build a presence and drive the right traffic to a campaign using social media. The most complex aspect of social media is that it is ever-changing. Between trends and algorithms, it can be a very difficult task to keep up.

Whether you’re an event promoter, venue owner, or festival and event organizer, these tips will help you on your journey to having a successfully promoted live event.

Our 10 Tips for Event Promotion on Social Media

1. Event Marketing Strategy: Plan

Event social media marketing requires much-needed planning. In your planning, you will need to identify a target audience, find out where they hang out on social media platforms, identify how you may attract them, and create a way to encourage your existing followers to spread the word about your event. Deciding on your target market, which social media channels are best to promote your event, and what tools you will use to accomplish everything are critical to any event marketing strategy plan.

2. Be Timely

Timing is vital. Set realistic goals and timeframes that you are sure you or your team can reach. This may require you to start early. In fact, starting early is always encouraged. The timing of your event and the time you spend promoting your event on social media has a huge impact on its success. Your event marketing strategy should include a content publishing editorial calendar.

3. Create Content That Entices Your Targeted Audience to Engage

Creating interesting content is crucial in terms of increasing event and brand awareness. Good content can effectively drive traffic to your events website. Good content can help take your search engine optimization (SEO) to the next level as well, generating more traffic. Some of the ways you can create engaging content are:

Using the tools that each platform has available. Social media platforms have several meaningful tools that can be used for your event promotion campaigns. Examples include Instagram Reels, Instagram Live, Facebook event pages, Twitter Spaces, TikTok Live, and more.

Use popular hashtags and create your own. Hashtags play a crucial role in marketing anything on social media. Using hashtags can make your posts more discoverable across multiple platforms.

Host a giveaway. Giveaways can increase your social engagement. Using calls to action such as like, share, comment or retweet can significantly increase your online presence and bring awareness to your event.

4. Add Your Event’s Link or Website to the Bios of All Your Social Media Accounts

Adding links in your social media bios gives the audience the opportunity to learn more about your event. It’s also beneficial for customers to find tickets and other merchandise you may be offering surrounding the event.

5. Cross Promote Your Social Media Accounts

If you and your event marketing campaigns are on multiple social media platforms, you should tell your audience where they can find you and information on each platform. The benefit of doing so is that no matter what platform your audience is on you can reach them and, most importantly, they can reach you. Be sure to add your social media links to your email marketing campaigns, newsletters, and on your websites (where they can be visibly seen).

6. Make Use of Influencer Marketing as Part of Your Event Marketing Strategy

Working with social media influencers can bring unprecedented exposure to your event. Influencers improve brand awareness and can also help your brand build trust. They are also great at leading generations and driving conversions.  When searching for influencers, think about the audience you are trying to attract. Getting help from the wrong influencers can cost you. For example, if your event is for an audience that is 21+ years of age, you wouldn’t want to partner with a 15-year-old TikTok influencer. His or her audience will be the wrong demographic target market. Ask for recommendations if necessary.

7. Take Advantage of Social Media Management Tools

social media managementUse a social media management tool to increase your productivity. Using a tool like Hootsuite or SEMRush will save you time and allows you to present a more professional-looking event experience. You can manage more than one social media account at once and this can ensure that you never miss out on any potential engagement. Management tools allow you to schedule posts ahead of time and you can see real-time engagement with your posts. Organization is also an important perk that a management tool can give you. Tools like these provide analytics and performance reports that can be studied to make for a better campaign.

8. Use Social Media for Event Advertising

There is no doubt about it. Social media advertising is very effective, but how effective? Without using ads, the number of non-customers and non-followers you can reach is limited.  Social media ads can help increase brand awareness, reach your target audience, bring quality traffic, improve content visibility, increase conversion rates, improve brand credibility, and provide valuable customer insight. For social media ads to be effective, refer to tip #1. Without a plan, any effort made to promote your event will be ineffective.

9. Be consistent (without spamming)

Posting once or twice, here and there, for your event isn’t going to work. Frequent posting is critical. It is important to be actively continually promoting your event.  During your planning process, you may want to consider creating several quality pieces of content to post across all platforms.

10. Create Highlights of the Event

Use images and videos to highlight how great your event was for those attending it. Show potential customers what they can expect from your events and give the event attendees content that will keep them excited about what happened. Doing so will lay the foundation for your next event.

Event Promotion can be a hassle and gobble up resources. If you find yourself needing additional help, consider reaching out to an entertainment agency or an event marketing agency. Contracting with an agency is highly effective for building strategies, achieving goals, boosting revenue, making strong connections with audiences, and more!

TSE Entertainment is a one-stop-shop for all your entertainment needs. Event marketing is just one of many services to help you have successful live entertainment events.

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