Taylor Swift Tribute: Sarah Jessica

Twist on Taylor - Tribute to Taylor SwiftUntil you see her in person, you cannot appreciate how well Sarah Jessica looks, sounds and acts like Taylor Swift in concert.

Her show, A Twist on Taylor is a must-see tribute act for those who love Taylor Swift. Sarah Jessica mesmerizes the audience as she performs the songs of Taylor Swift as only a true Taylor Swift tribute can do. It’s not hard to imagine that you are at a Taylor Swift concert as she makes Taylor’s music come alive. If you can’t afford the real thing, then Sarah Jessica is the next best thing.

Sarah Jessica - Taylor Swift Tribute

Born and raised in Texas and now Las Vegas is home where Sarah Jessica performs in multiple productions. Sarah Jessica discovered her singing ability at a young age and soon after desired to perform. Her Taylor Swift impersonation started with uncanny resemblance and similar voice which landed her a spot on the long running Las Vegas show “Country Superstars” and now to her own creation, “A Twist on Taylor” delighting Taylor fans across the country