Rolling Stones Tribute Band: Mick Adams and The Stones

This Rolling Stones Tribute Band is fronted by Mick Adams. Mick Adams’ (as Mick Jagger) incredible voice, range and power speak for themselves. Mick Adams is the ONLY Mick Jagger impersonator that has been featured on AXS TV’s, The World’s Greatest Tribute Bands, and has performed on the program FOUR times.

Rolling Stones Tribute BandAs former lead vocalist for Bo Donaldson and the Heywoods, Mick has toured with the likes of Tommy James, The Turtles, The Monkees, The Association, The Lovin’ Spoonful, The Buckinghams, Herman’s Hermits, Ron Dante & the Rascals. Mick has also performed with Spencer Davis, Rick Springfield, Johnny Rivers, Neil Sedaka and rock and roll hall-of-famer Sam Moore.

He has recorded with Mark Kendall of Great White as well as Ronnie James Dio’s guitarist, Tracy G, and has also done voice over work for MAD TV. In addition, Mick’s band, Mick Adams and the Stones have recorded for AXS TV’s, The Worlds Greatest Tribute Bands, on itunes as the worlds greatest Rolling Stones Tribute Band. Not only is Mick Adams a ringer for Mick Jagger, he brings Mick Jagger’s intense energy to each performance. Rising above all others in the most demanding role the tribute world has to offer, Mick must be seen to be believed.

Mick Adams and the Stones is truly one of the greatest Rolling Stones cover bands anywhere. If you are looking for the best in Rolling Stones Tributes Bands, then this band is it.


It was a blast having you guys and we would LOVE to have you back! – Krissy Ayon, Director of Entertainment, Mesquite Gaming

I have produced and promoted Mick Adams and the Stones many times over the years and every event we have ever done together has been well received. Always on time, well prepared and ready to work this Rolling Stones tribute is one of my go to bands when I want to make a great impression. If anyone ever has any questions about the quality of Mick Adams and the Stones I invite you to reach out and call me at 626-584-8110. I will give them two thumbs up. – Steve Selak, President at Selak Entertainment, Inc., Pasadena, CA

I must say that prior to seeing this band all the hype had me curious. As soon as they hit the stage I realized what all the hype was about. Not only did they look like the artists that they were channeling but the production was epic. Starting with Mick himself who not only sounds just like Mick Jagger but has his iconic moves down to a T and left me amazed. Moving on down to the lineup there’s Gratz Arias as Keith Richards, Ron Jessurun as Ronnie Wood, Vince Lupo as Charlie Watts, and Marvin Sperling as Bill Wyman. The band just electrified the crowd all evening with their talent and professionalism. Each member had done their homework right down to the look and feel of each member of the Rolling Stones that they were emulating. I can see why AXS TV picked them as one of the top 10 tribute bands in the world. It’s one thing to be able to sound like the band you’re making tribute to, but its entirely another to be able to sound like the band you’re making tribute to, but its entirely another to be able to duplicate the energy, moves and feel of the original artist. This band accomplishes that in a way that will make you believe that you had in fact seen the original band. – Backstage 360 Magazine

“Whether he’s sitting in a local restaurant or strolling down Avenida del Mar, Mick Adams is at times mistaken for some other guy named Mick. “Most people never get to see him that close up, so that’s why if people see me walking around sometimes, they’re like, it’s him!” said Adams, a near dead ringer for Mick Jagger. “I can’t imagine if I got my lips done what would happen!” Adams cultivates the similarity. He has the hairdo down. On stage, he doesn’t just sound like Jagger. He has the Jagger swagger.” – Fred Swegles, Orange County Register

“The front-man himself, Mick Jagger, is portrayed by Mick Adams. Actually, he may be too good of a Jagger, showing signs of a richer, higher range voice, that the real Stone lacks. And yes, Adams has all the chicken-dance moves down pat, but never borders on campiness. Adams wandered out from the soundboard, amidst the crowd, attired in flashy glam-era coat, and voodoo-inspired top hat, to deliver an eerie, show-stopping Sympathy for the Devil. ” – Bruce Forrest, Repro Magazine

“From the moment “Mick” came bounding onto that stage, until their full-band, theater-bow at the end, it was pure rock and roll delight. I told “Mick” after the show, “I will never tire of that moment when you come out onto the stage for the first time and throw your hands in the air to the cheers of the audience – it is such a Jagger moment, and you have it nailed.” “What a chill-spilling performance, what with Mick gliding back and forth on the stage while the backing vocalists sang “ooh-ooh” over and over and “Keith” nailing that gorgeous “Sympathy” slop-and-go solo that just spills out of the PA like an upturned bottle of Kick-Ass.” – Edwin Decker, UMC Judge

“You have assembled a fantastic team., and I say team cuz lots of teamwork goes into this. I can’t imagine how hard it is/was to put this fantastic show together. And it was a show – the set, look, video, costume changes, etc…There were so many things I loved about the show. I really dug it when you did The Last Time, and used the mic stand in a different way – like Jagger did when he was young. Also the different stage dancing from that area was great! Speaking of daring, Ruby Tuesday I loved too. Love the bow like Jagger did on the 89 tour, or the Sullivan appearance. Wow, Midnight Rambler was daring too (Vince plays those tempo changes super). I think Rambler was my favorite song from the Stones tour last year. Heartbreaker, Waiting on a friend (love the hat and walk like the video)…I ramble, but I just loved it so much. You can count on me to spread the good word. Well be there for support as much as we can in the future. I don’t think what you do is an easy thing. So many “know-it-alls” out there looking to shoot people down – I just wanted to put my input in case you care from this old rocker that still loves to plug in at 50 years old. When’s the next gig, cuz I’m officially a “Mickhead” now! Take care.” – Douglas J., Fan Testimonial

“I saw your Stones band yesterday and you were INCREDIBLE! When you did “Gimme Shelter” I closed my eyes and could have sworn it was The Rolling Stones on stage! LITERALLY sent chills up my spine, ESPECIALLY the female vocalist on that song! Simply awesome! You’ve DEFINITELY channeled Mick Jagger and have him down to a PERFECT science. Would LOVE to see you again!” – Tony W., Fan Testimonial

“Great Show. It was just like being 10 yards away from Mick and The Boys!” – James E., Fan Testimonial

“What a GREAT tribute band! We had a great time…..just as much fun as if we were seeing the Rolling Stones in concert!!” – Colleen M., Fan Testimonial

“I need your vitamin regimen to see where all your energy comes from to be able to do back to back shows. God bless you and the entire band brother, cus jus watching last night’s show had us whooped! LOL.” – Dave L., Fan Testimonial

“Saw an amazing tribute band today. Why’d it take me so long to see Mick Adams and The Stones? It was well worth the wait I guess. Top notch. The WORLDS greatest Rolling Stones tribute band, easily. I shot about 166 pictures but Check em out. Great show guys. Mick, you and the boys were excellent. Thanks for a great Sunday afternoon of entertainment.” – Charles J., Fan Testimonial

“I went to your incredible show last night in Del Mar and thought it was absolutely fantastic. I’m a long time Stones fan, but I had never seen a Stones tribute band before. Your band is awesome, and I am so glad I had the opportunity to see your show. The sound quality was amazing, and every member of the band was a right-on look alike and portrayed the original icons of the Stones to a T. I wish your band continued success and hope to see another one of your shows in the near future.”- Jim R., Fan Testimonial

“I have a confession to make… I was a luke warm Stones fan until I caught you guys a few years ago. Now, I think I might be a Mick Adams and the Stones fan, first and a Rolling Stones fan, second. You guys really are THE best Stones tribute band, ever. Thanks guys.” – Travis P., Fan Testimonial

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