Poison Tribute: Shot of Poison

Shot of Poison BandAt a Shot of Poison performance, expect a party atmosphere, an introductory video, spot-on costumes and musical performances, great sound and lighting, accompanying video presentation, stage props, special effects, a “rose ceremony,” lots of audience interaction including sing-alongs, and a theatrical, highly visual performance of Poison classics with energy to spare.

Shot of Poison is a top-shelf, authentic tribute to the 30th anniversary of Poison, the phenomenal, fun-loving, Los Angeles-based glam rockers who burst onto MTV in 1987 and put the term “glam rock” back into the national lexicon. Since then, Poison have sold over 50 million records worldwide and become legendary for their energetic live shows.

Poison owes its continuing popularity in part to lead vocalist Bret Michaels, who became a pop-culture icon for a second time in the 2000s with several of his own reality TV series on VH1, plus NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice, a solo recording career, appearances on numerous talk shows, even a spot on American Idol. “Poison” has thus remained a household name for thirty years, with Bret Michaels known to most Americans between the ages of 25 and 60.

Shot of Poison’s members have amazing rock & roll credits, know their stuff, and promise to bring a full-on party with every show full of the fun atmosphere of Poison’s rowdy, arena-rock exploits, with the music done right, and the imagery that so many have grown up with and loved.

A portion of the proceeds from all Shot of Poison merchandise sales is donated to the Bret Michaels Life Rocks Foundation to benefit childhood cancer and diabetes, homeless individuals, veterans’ causes, disaster relief, animal welfare, and more.


“It was absolutely amazing… If you closed your eyes you would have thought you were at a live Poison concert.”– Richard S.

“My husband and I had such a great time at your show in Foxboro! Worth every second of the 6 hour bus ride from NYC! Sooo much fun!” – Robyn D-T.

“We could not believe how you guys had the whole place on their feet and rocking. Haven’t had such a good time in a while. All ages, young and older, smiles and happiness everywhere. Thanks for a great night out.” – Gail G. M.

“Thank you Shot of Poison for a fun filled night! You guys rocked it! That was so cool of you to hang around for pictures after the show, definitely go to your shows again. The intro that you did on I Won’t Forget You, oh that totally works, sets the song up beautifully! Keep on Rockin!” – Niku P.

“Spot fu&#in on, you guys nailed it.” – Michael P.

“Going to all 3 shows (with Mr. Speed)! KISS fanatic, but Shot of Poison was the key reason I am doing ALL THREE. After seeing you guys last year I was SOLD!” – Tony H.

“You guys are awesome. Totally rocked out showcase live in foxboro ma back in March!!! You guys need to come back!!!!!”– Anthony Z.

“They put on a fabulous show. This was my first time seeing you guys live and I was fully impressed. The lead singer looks just like Bret, it was amazing!!!!” – Missy L.

“Nothing short of a spectacular performance! … for anyone who missed it, just hope & pray there is another Boston-area Shot of Poison visit in the near future.” – Jay T. F.

“Awesome show at The Junction Music Park, Brownville, Maine! Great ending the Summer with Shot of Posion & Labor Day Weekend! You guys Rocked the Junction!” – Debbie S. W.

“What an un fu&#ing believable awesome incredible amazing show and good time. You guys ROCK. Sooooo much fun. Love love loved it!!!!” – Jessica N.

“Great show! Awesome and sounded great! …come back to NH again soon.” – Eddie A.

“A+++ from beginning to end this band is the REAL DEAL!! Great people as well!”– Brian H.

“If you go for a show,.. you get a show! Love this band.” – Amanda C.’

“GREAT show, Shot of Poison!!! Definitely on my recommend to see list!!!” – Maureen M.

“Awesome show last night! The music and sound was incredible, loud, clear and in your face, great time had by all. Rock on!” – Mark M.

“We had a great date night out with u guys! Music was perfect!” – Debbie F.

“Blast!!!” – Rhoda Mae L.