Heart Tribute: Even It Up

even it up bandEven It Up is a group of experienced performers that are focused on delivering an exciting night of entertainment. The band members have made it their mission to replicate the intricate vocals and instrumentals of Heart –without the use of tracks.

Even It Up can provide you with a look and costuming that mirrors Heart in the 70s, the 80s, or their present look today. Even It Up has the distinct honor of having had Heart’s original lead guitarist, Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame Inductee, Roger Fisher, join them on stage.

The band has an extensive catalog of music that encompasses Heart’s hits as well as deep cuts. Even It Up is composed of professional, reliable entertainers that are dedicated to the success of your event. The band features top of the line, tour-grade equipment and instrumentation and is fully insured.


…So obvious that Even it Up takes great pride in their craft. There is nothing I enjoy more than watching real professionals doing something they love. During the show, I could close my eyes and swear I was 17 again and attending a Heart concert. I will not miss a show in the Dallas in the future. If you are a fan of 80’s rock, Even it Up should definitely be on your list of bands to go see!
– Tony Thayer – Dallas, Texas

I had the pleasure of sharing the stage with Even It Up last Saturday night and believe me when I say “this band rocks”. They hit the stage guns blazing, brining powerful, authentic, Heart hits, as well as deep cuts for the true Heart fans, with perfect execution. You can tell they are true Heart fans themselves and have countless hours invested, studying Heart, to perfect every detail. Being their first time playing OKC, they left fans touting that Even It Up may be the best tribute band to come through Oklahoma. If these guys come to a town near you, do yourself a favor and go see them as they are the closest thing to the real Heart experience you will find.
-Danny Berry – Yukon, Oklahoma

As one of the owners of 40 West, and having seen many tributes, I can say that Even It Up, is without a doubt, one of the most professional, and true to the original we have had the pleasure of working with.  There is a large demand for Heart in OKC, and EIU gave the fans exactly what they were looking for; and did so in epic fashion, and form. Every single musician in the band are leading examples of kindness, patience, and professionalism.  Here at 40 West, we are extremely selective on the acts that we book, and out all of the Heart tributes that we scouted, EIU was the one we felt best about, and we couldn’t be more satisfied with our purchase. Saying that EIU is the closest thing to the real deal, is a huge understatement.  Even if we did not know how much hard work and research that EIU puts in behind the scenes, it is absolutey, and without a doubt evident in their performance. The buying process alone, was easy and seamless.  Even It Up: An out of this world Heart tribute, bringing all of the best hits of their time! If you’re looking for the best, look no further. I think I can safely speak for us all here in the state of Oklahoma when I say that, we cannot wait to have them back.  Many thanks for all that you are, and do! We love each and every one of you.
-Dave Washburn – Owner of 40 West in Yukon, Oklahoma

Ann Wilson has a fabulous rock voice; her range is beyond awesome! She’s also an amazing musician w/her solo stuff. Kristy Johnson, I’ve never heard or seen any1 who could hold a candle to her or her band’s talent. Then Even It Up came to SA… THAT is why I am a fan – y’all just Rock!
-Rob Phelps – San Antonio, Texas

…These guys are AMAZING!! One of THE BEST bands around. The band Heart is one of my favorites of all time and these guys, if you close your eyes, sound like the real deal. Not only do they sing their hearts out, but they will let the Led out with some Zepplin. They put on a killer show, a true concert experience!! Known to interact with the audience during the show, they also enjoy taking the time to talk and thank the fans before and after. Which is pretty cool in my book.
Even it Up raises the bar when it comes to tribute bands. The multi talented musicians, power house vocals and high energy performance, truly make them THE Ultimate Heart tribute band. They are a must see! I promise you will not be disappointed.
– Kay Jay – Garland, Texas

Even It Up is one of my ultimate favorites and undoubtedly the best Heart Tribute Band I have EVER seen. They put on such a fantastic show entertaining and captivating the crowd as they nail all your favorite “Heart” songs along with a few other covers that are just as phenomenal. How would I describe this band? Fun, crowd engaging, energetic, talented, classy, professional, genuine “Heartfelt” and spot on. Kristy’s vocals are so beautiful and her contagious inviting smile draws ya right in to sing along to all your favorite hits. Highly recommend getting out to see them or if you have a venue looking for a great band, book them. You won’t be disappointed.
-Tammy Heegel – Lewisville, TX

EVEN IT UP is a great high energy band and is highly recommended, a trip down memory lane is in store, great musicians and Kristy Johnson a unbelievable talent and voice, brings classic and timeless HEART songs to life, very interactive and fan friendly I’ve seen several times in big venues like the GRANADA THEATER, and LAVA CANTINA, GAS MONKEY LIVE, people absolutely love watching them play, you can’t help but feel like your taking part in something special, would absolutely recommend booking them !
-Terry Cline – Arlington, Texas

Even it up is one amazing band. First time I heard them I had to pick my chin up off the floor. They are by far the best cover band I’ve ever heard. Being a huge Heart fan I was totally impressed with the talent and passion behind their music. I highly recommend this band. You will fall in love with them just as I did.
-Dana Shadburn – Atlanta, Georgia

I have seen LOTS of tribute bands that do a great job.. But Even It Up is undeniably WORLD CLASS! They take it to a whole other level and deliver the Heart experience like you’ve never seen before. I have seen Even It Up perform at DFW’s finest live music venues and without fail the audience has their mouths open and everyone is talking about the band and asking where they are performing next! Do yourself a favor and go see them!!
-David Houston – Dallas, Texas

Absolute best “Heart” band ever. Across the board… from the sound to the look.. the energy.. Folks, let me tell you, you would not ever be disappointed. We have traveled near and far to see them and will continue to do so again and again and again. Absolutely wonderful people inside and out.
-Michelle Wheeler – Houston, TX

If anyone is looking to go see a tribute band Even It Up is the band to go see. Kristy belts out the Heart songs the perfection her voice range is amazing. Her voice is silky smooth The bands playing compliments her voice perfectly. The band totally rocks. That’s just the first half of the show. Hang on to your hats folks the second half is even better. Kristy joins the crowd and makes every single person feel like she’s singing only to them. Then the band jumps down and joins the crowd. Clear the tables guys someone may end up standing on it. Definitely will stand on the free chair at your tables and play air guitar with the patrons. Then to the dance floor to play and dance. So if your looking for a band to see this is the band. If your looking to book a band this the one. You can’t go wrong. I will see them again. LOVE YOU GUYS!!!
-Paulette Rode – Abilene, Texas

…These are some of the finest musicians around and the lead singer, Kristy Johnson, will make you believe that Ann Wilson herself is up on stage belting out the tunes. What sets EIU apart is their honest and genuine interaction with their audience. It’s rare to see performers pour themselves so completely into their live shows and show such appreciation for the folks that came out to support them and hear them play. You want to have a great night rocking out to Heart’s formidable catalog (as well as some Led Zeppelin), then come out to see and hear these guys leave it all on the stage!
-Abel Rovira – Plano, Texas

If you get the chance you definitely need to see this band. The words, “The Ultimate Heart Tribute Band” is an accurate statement. My wife and I as well as the couple that went with us have seen Heart many times since the late 70’s and were unsure of what a tribute band would be like. It was obvious that these band members not only love Heart, but they love people as well. They are very down to earth friendly people who sound as close to Heart as you will ever find. My wife and I as well as the friends that went with us had a blast and will definitely go see them again!
-Chuck Matthews – Red Oak, Texas

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