Elvis Presley Country Tribute Band: Chance Tinder & Kentucky Rain

Imagine the moment that Elvis survived the late 1970s, and found himself performing his greatest hits live on stage, country style, in our day, in his prime….As a lean and mean country machine!

This is “Chance Tinder & Kentucky Rain: Celebrating the music of Elvis Presley…Country Style!”

With SOLD OUT performances nationwide (Atlantic City, Nashville, Phoenix, New Orleans and more). Featuring all new RE-IMAGINED COUNTRY VERSIONS of Elvis Presley, such as : In the Ghetto, Suspicious Minds, Burning Love, Jailhouse Rock, Always on My Mind, Can’t Help Falling in Love, Viva Las Vegas and many more…ALL “countrified” and always pure Elvis.

If you like Elvis and Country Music, then you’re going to enjoy “CHANCE TINDER & KENTUCKY RAIN”.

Not an impersonation.Not a tribute band.But a celebration to the KING OF ROCK & ROLL – COUNTRY STYLE!


Chance Tinder and his band Kentucky Rain stole the show last Saturday night with their Countrified mashup of Elvis Presley classics and Country thunder. Celebrating the music of Elvis Presley with a Country twist, is like watching King Kong finally win at the end of the movie. Heartfelt, Exciting and dynamic! Reps Best

Not since Elvis himself barnstormed America has there been any tribute act stronger than Chance Tinder & Kentucky Rain. A show for all ages, and certainly for those who love “The King and Country”. Long live the King… Country style! KMLE Radio, Phoenix

Chance Tinder and Kentucky Rain. See it, Love it, Live it. An all new experience in Elvis tributes, with a taste of Country flavor and the hips of the King. Arizona Republic

If you like Elvis and love Country music, then you’re going to thoroughly enjoy Chance Tinder and Kentucky Rain: A country music celebration in memory of Elvis Presley”. The Roadhouse, Cave Creek AZ

Can you imagine Elvis as a modern Nashville star? In his prime today, singing his biggest hits on CMT and selling out areas across the nation? Well then, buckle your seatbelts, and sit back, here comes Chance Tinder & Kentucky Rain, a country music salute to Elvis Presley. Featuring all new ‘re-imagined’ renditions of Presley classics. Such as Little Sister, Suspicious Minds, In The Ghetto, Promised Land, and the hard hitting TROUBLE, (also a 1992 hit for Travis Tritt), whom Elvis recored first in 1974, along with Elvis’ Always On My Mind, recorded years later by Willie Nelson. Catch all these Country classics and more, when you witness, as I did, the second coming of the King! Real Country Magazine

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