Chris Bullard

His Grandfather was a singer and played in a country band for years. Chris would sit in Grandpa Jack’s lap while he and Chris’ Grandmother sang everything from Cash to Haggard. The Oklahoma native first picked up a guitar at the age of 7, but it was after his father’s death when he was 9 that Chris began to find his own voice. He sang in the choir in high school and at church, and then went off to college before deciding that he had to pursue music.

He made the move to Nashville five years ago, where he spends his time writing songs and recording when he’s not on the road. Chris also plays several instruments including lead guitar, bass, banjo, piano and lap steel. He has played alongside Josh Thompson, Alyssa Micaela, Jon Pardi, Aaron Watson, Maren Morris and Sam Hunt, among others.
He credits Garth Brooks’ Ropin the Wind with starting his love affair with country music. Watching this country guy rock a stadium like he did, inspired the would-be artist.

When asked about his sound, his style, the southern rocker says that, “If Chris Stapleton, Urban and Steve Earle all got in a dirty motel room together, I’d be the product 9 months later.”

When he began writing for this record, he said he wanted to create something that was from the heart. Something that was real, that was about him.

“It was one of those things where I didn’t want to chase the radio,” Bullard said.
“People should be able to find themselves in the lyric and to be able to put themselves in the song. That’s what gives songs so much power.”

For some reason, I kept going back to those records from Muscle Shoals in the 1960s. You can tell it has something to it. You hear it as soon as you hit play.

Bullard crafts songs about living on the line between discontentment and fulfillment, want and waste, anger and passion.

You can listen and download it  by simply clicking here.

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