Billy Joel Tribute Band: Turnstiles

Hire Turnstiles - Billy Joel Tribute for EventsTurnstiles is one of the great Billy Joel Tribute bands. If you consider the definition of “Tribute” as being an acknowledgment of respect and admiration, you can understand what has driven Turnstiles’ band leader Tony Monaco to form “Turnstiles”. As a young man, Tony became an inspired, lifelong fan of the Piano Man and he used that inspiration to grow as a pianist, vocalist, and songwriter. As a result, Billy’s style has been forever imprinted on his musical soul, much like that of Ray Charles and many others have been imprinted on that of Billy Joel.

Tony decided to enlist some of the finest musicians in South Florida to join with him to form a Billy Joel Cover band to pay tribute to the man he has so much respect and admiration for, Billy Joel. Never intending to be an impersonator, his focus instead is simply on the music and delivering a faithful and completely live Billy Joel experience to share with others. Turnstiles’ renditions of Billy’s classic songs are certain to move the casual listener as well as the hard core “Joel fan” to their feet and have them singing along with all the classics! Now, at 5 years into their journey, this Billy Joel Tribute Band has performed for 100’s of thousands of fellow Billy Joel fans, leaving them overjoyed and screaming for more! …and the best is yet to come as Turnstiles continues to spread the joy that only the timeless, classic music of Billy Joel can bring!

The Turnstiles Show has a run time of approximately 90 to 100 minutes, plus encores (total run time approximately 2 hours max*). This is in the best interest of providing you with a faithful and entertaining “Concert Experience”.

*For venues that can facilitate 2 shows in one evening, the total run time for each show will be approximately 75 minutes max. If you are looking for a great Billy Joel Tribute Band for your venue, Turnstiles is the band for you.


“I have seen Billy three times and also the Face to Face tour with Elton. He is certainly a genius but your band tributes him in a way that is un-believable! I haven’t enjoyed seeing a tribute band as much as I have yours…Great, great job!”

“I just wanted to say that I just saw Billy Joel in Atlanta on Friday night. I can honestly say that I had more fun watching Turnstiles than Billy Joel himself. It may sound crazy but those are my true feelings. Turnstiles put up a better show than Billy himself!”

“I Love your band and how dedicated you are to keeping the Billy Joel songbook authentic….Thank you!”

“They sound like a Columbia Record.”

“Seen Turnstiles many times…I sit in amazement of the musicianship in this band! See you in Daytona!”

“I’ve been fortunate enough to see this band three times. This last time, I traveled 40 miles with a friend from FTL to WPB just to see them…that’s how good they are. And even with a storm threatening to cancel the show, these guys performed a two hour show! Billy Joel would have been proud! If you’re a BJ fan, you’ll love this band!!!”

“Billy Joel was awesome at The Daytona Beach Bandshell Tonight! What do you mean? That wasn’t the real Billy????”

“Great energetic gig last night! Tony with his great voice (hits all the notes perfectly with ease), and his great musicians portray the music of Billy Joel to a tee. But they definitely give it “their own” signature. Always looking forward to their next show!”

“Turnstiles was LETHAL last nite…Brilliant!!!”

“Best show ever! I went to high school with Billy and you guys really did him justice.”

“Wonderful music, wonderful memories! Thanks so much!”

“You guyz are amazing, one of the tightest bands I’ve ever seen, in more ways than one… Always looking forward to the next time. Keep on rockin boyz!!”


“You guys had everyone standing and screaming by the end of your performance….. Triple Like for the Turnstiles and their wonderful tribute to the music of Billy Joel!”

“WOW! I must say that if I closed my eyes I could swear that it was Billy Joel on stage and we wish to thank you for your precise renditions of the Piano Man’s classics. Keep on rolling, you are fantastic!”

“in the heat, you guys played full out for TWO HOURS!! Beyond words amazing! Thanks for an incredible show!”

“Billy Joel is Genius for sure, and anyone who can perform an entire live show of his stuff is a badass!…this band is the real deal!”

“Mizner Park is rockin…Shut your eyes and you will hear Billy Joel! Turnstiles is raising the roof (oops, it’s GONE!)”

“Unbelievable talent! Tony and the band transport you back to a place and time. It felt like Nassau Coliseum 1983!!!!!”

“This is simply brilliant! Congrats from this New York State of Mine.”

“Guys, I’ve been a Billy Joel fan for the last 30 years, but after hearing you tonight, I’m also a Turnstiles fan! You are all amazing musicians who deliver a kick-ass performance, note-for-note. Unbelievable…seriously!”

Song List

    1. Allentown
    2. All For Leyna
    3. An Innocent Man
    4. And So It Goes
    5. Big Shot
    6. Captain Jack
    7. Don’t Ask Me Why
    8. Downeaster Alexa
    9. Everybody Loves You Now
    10. Goodnight Saigon
    11. Honesty
    12. I Go to Extremes
    1. Innocent Man
    2. It’s Just a Fantasy
    3. It’s Still Rock and Roll to Me
    4. I’ve Loved These Days
    5. Just the Way You Are
    6. Keepin’ the Faith
    7. Leave a Tender Moment Alone
    8. Lullaby
    9. Matter of Trust
    10. Miami 2017
    11. Movin’ Out
    12. My Life
  1. New York State of Mind
  2. Only the Good Die Young
  3. Piano Man
  4. Prelude / Angry Young Man
  5. Pressure
  6. River of Dreams
  7. Say Goodbye to Hollywood
  8. Scenes From an Italian Restaurant
  9. Shameless
  10. She’s Got a Way
  11. She’s Always a Woman
  12. Sleeping With the Television On
  1. Stiletto
  2. Souvenir
  3. Summer Highland Falls
  4. The Ballad of Billy the Kid
  5. The Entertainer
  6. The Longest Time
  7. The Stranger
  8. This is The Time
  9. Until the Night
  10. Uptown Girl
  11. Vienna
  12. We Didn’t Start the Fire
  13. You May be Right
  14. Zanzibar
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