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What a show! Saw it last Friday night and was blown away! Spot on performance from beginning to end. Very talented musicians working well together as a band. If you closed your eyes you would swear Bon Scott was in the room. Exceptional lead guitarist held his own as Angus and was very entertaining. The original film footage, cannons & bagpipes were a great bonus too. Well worth the ticket price. I’d recommend the show to any AC/DC fan. Thanks Boys!   — Caroline Burton

After successfully having rocked the Hard Rock Café Jakarta earlier in the week, the band led by Larry Attard, brought down the house at the Hard Rock Café Bali. “The venue was jam-packed with people anxious to hear ACCA DACCA rock out! These guys are as good as the real thing. The crowd loved them!”.   — Michael Hirsiger, Quiksilver Marketing Executive

This is without a doubt the best show l have seen representing AC/DC … l have seen the originals many times over the years and felt like l was again there … the atmosphere was electric from start to finish …. a must see for anyone of any age.   — Paul Andrews

Performing classics like “Highway to Hell” and most appropriately, “Back in Black”, ACCA DACCA performed into the early morning as the crowd simply couldn’t get enough! This has definitely been the greatest show I’ve ever seen in Bali.   — Jake Paterson, Quiksilver Sports Marketing Manage

You know all the songs even if you don’t realize it. From the early Bon Scott years to the current line-up, the crowd chanted along as ACCA/DACCA blasted out the AC/DC sounds. Lead guitarist Jesse Attard carried off the Angus impersonation perfectly, the uniform, the striptease and most importantly the trademark guitar riffs – everything was there.
Backing it up, as good a sound you’d hope to hear from the lads themselves, though in a flat cap, lead singer Larry Attard looks more like Brian Johnson despite sounding like Bon. With all-time classics like The Jack and Let There Be Rock in the armory, ACCA/DACCA was onto an instant winner with the Summernats crowd and the front few rows responded with an hour-long aerobics class of moshing and crowd surfing. … ACCA/DACCA rocked the audience, including those far too young to remember the real deal first time around, and lived up to their billing as the greatest tribute to AC/DC.”   — Justin Law – Street Machine Magazine

1 to 10 score 10 bring the highest. 1. Storyboard quality 10/102. Sound quality 9.7/103. Production quality 9.8/104. Audience participation 10/105. Permission to dance 10/106. Permission to dance 10/107. Permission to sing and yell along during show 10/108. Feelings during the show 10/109. True educational value 10/010. Under 18’s safety 10/10. Description of my personal feelings during the show – Simply in a few words I experienced an emotionally charged three hours mixed with intense nostalgia, laughter, sadness, gratefulness and Australian music pride. This is a show of international standard and should not be missed.

Acca/Dacca’s tribute performance to Aussie rock legends AC/DC was one out of the box. Saturday night’s show at the Loaded Hog attracted a full house and as far as imitating the masters these guys have got it sorted.
Larry Attard adapted well between AC/DC’s two era’s with the distinctive Bon Scott whine and Brian Johnson’s tuneful screaming both mastered. The early Scott sound was done to perfection, Jail Break, Live Wire and Whole Lot of Rosie sounded just like the real thing. They sang a great variety of songs with something for all AC/DC fans whether you’re in to the old or more recent sound. Johnson fans would have gone home very satisfied as the band striped Back in Black of all its big hits including You Shook Me All Night Long which went down a treat alongside Thunderstruck from The Razors Edge.
With the great songs the band entertained with all the distinctive characteristics AC/DC are famous for. Jesse Attard, (Angus) stripped to his schoolboy shorts, played guitar on the bar, and traveled the bar on the shoulders of Attard,
The audience was rapt, so much so that when the band announced their final song for the night Acca/Dacca and encore chants were echoing before the song grunted in to life.
For the diehards among us the highlight among all the big hits was an old classic, Sin City that Attard mastered to perfection. A fantastic song that even the young one’s appreciated. The hype was justified, the performance was as close as you could get to the real thing.   — Gareth Williams, New Zealand Herald

 Thank you to Larry Attard and his team at ACCA DACCA. Your production last night was a well put together display a extremely detailed tribute to one of the greatest Rock and Roll bands. To my surprise the crowd was a true mix from the very young and dare I say very old .Our 12 year old daughter attended at first she was reluctant saying ” but I don’t like that weird heavy metal you and dad like” ( quote) I played her back in black hours before the show to reassure her it wasn’t weird nor the heavy metal we normally play . After the show Amy remarked ” I get it now” ” that man Bon died” Thanks to the extremely informative documentary between songs Amy not only got a true run down on the band but a history lesson in a fun way. The audience showed their appreciation by random cheers, gasps, and laughter at the wonderful old photos and perfectly done narration . A show no true AC/DC fan should miss.

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 Brilliant show fellas. Amazing. 15 year old “Angus”/Jesse  has clearly grown up with AC/DC in his blood. Loved the vocals of all and the story.

 My brother and I took his 9 year old son to this – we all had a literal blast!! Thanks boys!!

 It was a fantastic night, so entertaining. Also, as the proud mum of Harry, one of the young bagpipe players asked to perform, its appreciated you gave our local kids the opportunity to showcase their talents and experience the excitement of playing with a rock band. A great night and look forward to seeing you in Mackay again!

 Awesome show last night in Ipswich. such great talent Jesse was the best, not to take away anything from the other band members all were awesome.

 “Angus” was just INCREDIBLE..he had all the moves and the music was fantastic

 Just saw these guys in Ipswich awesome show well worth the money defiantly want to go again Well-done boys you have done Australian rock proud!!   — Caroline Burton‎ to Acca/dacca & The Australian AC DC Story.

 Just saw the show in Ipswich. Absolutely brillant. Jesse Atard you are one huge tallent. Thank you.   — Paul Andrews‎ to Acca/dacca & The Australian AC DC Story

 Went to see the Gympie performance.A great show.No one left disappointed.A must see event.

 Fong Song‎ to Acca/dacca & The Australian AC DC StoryHere’s a review for you folks wondering what’s it’s like to have a lesson in Australian Rock history. Show name – ‘AC/DC the story’   — Booked by Livewire Entertainment.Location Australia QLD

 Truly had the best night seeing you at walshes maghera to be honest was like seeing the real thing! U were fantastic!! Well done boys u really gave it ur all!! Would def see use again if you wer over.

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